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What Is Percussion Massage Therapy And Its Benefits For Athletes?

In the world of sports and athletic activities, athletes and professionals are always searching for different ways to boost their athletic performance. From the constant development of clothing and equipment technologies to finding ways to deal with muscle soreness after an intense workout, the world of athletics has seen it all. Medical professionals and athletic trainers are now starting to explore what percussion massage therapy can do for athletes. A wide array of handheld percussion massagers are already being used to help athletes ensure a fast recovery period between intense workouts, enhance their performance, and promote general well-being. Read through our article to know what percussion massage therapy is and how it can benefit athletes.

Percussion Massage Therapy

Percussion massage therapy is a type of therapy that is performed by a massage gun. The gun works by giving out accelerated pressure bursts into several body tissues. This movement or process helps relax muscles and release built-up tension and knots- the main reason behind shoulder and back pains. Percussion massage therapy is also at an advantage over other types of massages as it can get to deeper layers than a human hand or a foam roller ever could. It can also desensitize the area that surrounds problematic muscles until the pulses are able to reach the aching area, unlike traditional massage therapy. This helps eliminate the pain that we tend to feel when a massage therapist applies pressures to the aching muscles. This allows you to enjoy and redeem the benefits of a traditional deep tissue massage without the pain.

Quick Relief

Post-workout muscle soreness can be unbearable, so it’s safe to say that percussion massage therapy’s best feature is its ability to quickly and effectively relieve muscle soreness. Several wellness product reviews and studies suggest that the time it takes to complete the treatment process plays a significant role in preventing onset muscle soreness, especially in situations where timely execution is needed. Musculoskeletal conditions can result due to several activities that place a great deal of stress on the body. Percussion massage is extremely effective at relieving many of these conditions, including plantar fasciitis, low back pain, tennis elbow, bicep tendinitis, sciatica, and shin splints.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Prevention

DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, usually occurs when you participate in an activity to the point where the amount of physical activity performed exceeds your usual limit. This frustrating condition can last from anywhere between 24 to 72 hours post the workout session. Percussive therapy can help relieve this condition quickly, and may also help prevent it from occurring by improving the athlete’s performance. Muscular damage is a result of over-the-limit workouts that can be blocked off by the motor unit activity caused by vibrations or thumping movements. This disrupts pain signals, decreasing your body’s perception of pain.

Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Flow

Did you know that the excruciating muscle pain that you experience post-workout is due to lactic acid build-ups in the muscles? Fortunately, this phenomenon can be fought back if you increase your blood circulation. Percussion massage therapy can help boost blood flow, therefore reducing inflammation and muscle tension. The lymphatic system also plays a great role in muscle soreness; more drainage in the system results in less muscle tightness and fewer knots. This is because a better lymphatic flow promotes an effective secretion of waste and toxins, thereby promoting better metabolism and an improved immune system. More drainage in the lymphatic system can also be achieved by using percussion massage therapy.


According to some studies, percussion massage therapy has so much more to offer than just pain relief and prevention. It can also improve your flexibility, leading to an enhancement in balance and posture as well. This is because the muscle spindles can be synchronized by the therapy’s motion patterns, resulting in a wider range of movement. Besides, becoming more flexible will make you less susceptible to experiencing pains and injuries.

Most of us search for ways to decrease the amount of pain we feel after performing more physical activity than usual. While this type of pain can be irksome, it is bearable in comparison to the pain that athletes experience after intense workouts. Considering that different types of physical activity make up a huge portion of an athlete’s life, muscle pain and soreness can be extremely inconvenient. This is why in the field of athletic activities, professionals have always searched for ways to boost performance and speed up recovery periods. With percussion massage therapy, quick pain relief, DOMS prevention, and improved wellness and potential are now made possible.


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