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This Weekend: Dixie Deadzone Diners Bringing it Back to a Time when Meals didn’t Involve Cell Phones

Dixie, the leader in disposable tableware, wants to transform the negative perception of cellular dead zones in Los Angeles as places where people can have a meal and enjoy meaningful face-to-face conversation. As part of its “Be More Here” campaign, the brand is creating Dixie Deadzone Diners, actual pop-up restaurants in locations with no cell service, such as an old federal reserve bank vault, a cave and a park. From August 26-28, the Deadzone Diners will be serving up free food (first come, first served!), meaningful conversation and an ambience that is distraction free. Find out HERE where the pop-up restaurants will be located this weekend in the Los Angeles area.

To drive home the impact of “Be More Here” moments, Dixie has partnered with noted chef and ABC’s The Chew co-host Carla Hall, who will be providing recipes and appearing at one of the Deadzone Diners. Dixie is also encouraging families everywhere to establish Deadzone Diners in their homes and is providing quick-and-easy recipes from Hall and fun tips at on creative ways to ditch your phone during mealtime.


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