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Wedding Planning Tips From the Pros

Your wedding most likely the biggest party you’ll ever throw. And figuring out how best to plan your wedding can be very daunting. But whether you want a small, simple wedding or a big, lavish affair, the steps remain the same. Setting a budget is a critical first step! We discuss it all in this article. All the major steps that matter. We suggest that you focus on one task at a time to prevent getting overwhelmed by wedding planning. If you are pressed for time, you can delegate some of these tasks to family members and friends. They will likely be grateful to help you.

Set A Budget

It is imperative to set a budget for your wedding before anything else. It is not the most enjoyable task, but it needs to be accomplished first because it sets the tone for the rest of your wedding planning process. The last thing you need is to fall in love with a venue, vendor, or wedding dress, only to realize that it is beyond your budget. So you and your partner or other potential contributors should sit down and determine a total budget. Then you may divide this budget among all proposed vendors and services.

Set A Date

The “date” will not be set until you have secured a venue. However, you might want to consider a few potential wedding dates before you start searching for venues. First, consider what season you would like to marry in. Then, review the calendar, considering any conflicting work schedules, holidays, and family commitments, and decide which dates are most convenient. Having some possible wedding dates in mind could prove helpful when selecting a venue.

Start The Guest List

The final guest list does not have to be known until a little later. However, in planning a wedding step by step, having an estimated number of guests is essential. There is a contrast between the venue requirements for a wedding for fifty guests and a wedding for three hundred guests. Therefore before you start browsing wedding venues, determine the number of guests that you will be hosting.

Get Your Venue

Now that you have outlined a budget, established an estimated guest count, and selected a few prospective wedding dates, you have all of the necessary information at your disposal to find a wedding venue—which is arguably the most crucial step in planning your wedding. Take a look online at wedding venue reviews, visit a venue in person, and find your dream wedding venue with your partner. After reading your ceremony and reception venue’s contract and signing it on the dotted line, the actual planning process can begin.

Book Vendors

On average, couples work with 13 vendors to create their perfect wedding day. Perhaps that seems like a lot. However, it is vital to enlist the help of the right people so that things run smoothly on your big day. The most commonly used vendors include:
– Food and beverages (if not already included in your venue package)
– Band with guitarists for weddings or DJ
– Photographer
– Videographer
– Florist
– Officiant
– Hair and Makeup
– Wedding Planner
– Wedding Cake
– Linens and Other Rentals
– Transportation
– Nanny Service
– Photo Booth

Buy Your Dress

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of a wedding is choosing the wedding dress. Order bridal gowns about 5-8 months in advance of the wedding. So to ensure that you get your ‘dream dress,’ you must start this process early. So you prevent yourself from having to wear a sample dress to your wedding.

Send Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are typically mailed six to eight weeks before the big day after the guest list has been finalized. Additionally, the RSVP deadline varies but is usually around three to four weeks prior. Sending out invitations on time is one of the most critical aspects of planning a wedding.

Plan Out The Fine Details

This process is one of the most special. Details make you stand out as a couple and provide an opportunity to express your character and love as a couple. This step includes how to ask your sister and close friends to be a bridesmaid, how to make your wedding video, creating the invitations, ordering wedding signage, the menu cards, guest book, escort cards, decor to fit your theme, wedding favors, bridesmaid gifts, and hotel gifts for out of town guests. You and your fiance can organize the honeymoon together, order your wedding rings, and submit your marriage license application together.

Finally, consult your wedding planner or hotel wedding coordinator to help you create a timeline for the day to ensure that all your vendors know what to expect. Include all the phone numbers and email addresses of all the vendors so on your wedding so you can relax and enjoy yourself! With all these put in place, your wedding day should be beautiful and memorable.


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