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Useful Tips for Saving a Dying Relationship

Building a healthy relationship takes time, determination, and dedication. Even when you have a healthy and strong relationship, there will be difficulties. It is completely natural to experience issues – overcoming these issues is a fundamental part of being in a healthy relationship. The way that you deal with these issues is what determines the future of your relationship and its success.

In this article, we are going to tell you some useful tips for preserving your relationship.

It is a great waste to let a relationship die, even if times are hard, and here’s how you can save yours:

Take Responsibility for Your Actions

If you want your relationship to survive, you need to begin to take responsibility for your actions and accept when you are in the wrong. Likewise, your partner needs to do the same. A relationship where each person deflects and denies responsibility can never be healthy. When you do accept responsibility, apologize, make amends, and move forward. Dwelling on past misgivings can be detrimental to your relationship.


Sometimes showing compassion to your partner when you have hurt them is a great way to resolve conflicts and improve your relationship. Compassion is something, in our hard modern world, that very few people openly display. Showing your partner that you do love them can be a good way to fix a dying relationship.

Trust Can Be Earnt Back

If there have been infidelities in your relationship, then you or your partner deserve the opportunity to earn back one another’s trust. While lying in a relationship can be a deal-breaker, becoming a believer in second chances can be incredibly beneficial for it, provided that the lies stop. It is important to remember that if a person continuously lies, despite being given chances of redemption, then you should not be as forgiving.

Relationship Counselling

One of the best places to go when your relationship is going through hard times is a relationship counselor. Counselors offer relationship advice tailored to you. Alternatively, you can seek out online forums and websites, as well as ‘agony aunts’. Seek help when your relationship feels like it is going down the toilet and there is nothing that you can do to salvage it.


When your relationship is struggling or even dying, transparency can be a great way to save it. Transparency allows you to resolve conflicts as soon as they arise. If you are unhappy with something, then tell your partner you are unhappy and encourage them to do the same. Through transparency, you will learn what the triggers for arguments are and what you do that your partner does not like.


Setting up rules and expectations with your partner can help to improve your relationship, especially if it is dying. Set rules that take your exclusivity and commitment to one another into consideration and ensure that both of you are satisfied with them. Perhaps you go out every Friday night to nightclubs and your partner does not like that? A rule moving forward could be that you go out together, or not at all.

See Each Other

If you are not living with one another, but your relationship is dying, then you need to see each other more often. Seeing one another all of the time can be unhealthy, but so too can seeing each other none of the time. Arrange regular dates and times to see one another and stick to them.

Do Other Things

In line with our last point, seeing each other all of the time can be unhealthy, particularly in a troubled relationship. Instead of spending every waking moment with each other, go out and do other things, see friends, and live your life without feeling like you are a prisoner.


Compromise is fundamental to a healthy relationship. You shouldn’t constantly be bending over backward for your partner, and nor should they. You should both learn to compromise and to accommodate change and disruption to your schedule and relationship.


Displaying affection for your partner can be a good way to bond. Bonding, in a dying relationship, is very important. Get used to each other’s touch again, and learn to love, and want it. It’s easier to say this than to do it, but if you are committed and want to, then you will learn to do it.

Unrealistic Expectations

Another killer of relationships is unrealistic expectations. Be realistic with your partner and do not want them to do more than they physically can. Unrealistic expectations can brutalize your relationship if you do not get them in check. This works both ways.

A dying relationship is painful for both sides. It is important to remember, with everything said here taken into consideration, that sometimes a relationship cannot be fixed. You need to learn when you can hold on, and when to let go.


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