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Top Ways to Advertise Your Services as a Lawyer

As a lawyer, regardless of how good you might be, there is one true reality out there. If you fail to pro-actively advertise your legal services, you are more likely to face challenges attracting new clients. Advertising your services makes it easy for potential clients to find and contact you whenever they need legal representation. So, it is imperative to leverage all available advertisement options at your disposal, from online ads to print media, social media, and TV commercials, just to name a few.

With that said, this piece seeks to shed some light on some top ways to advertise your services as a lawyer.

1. Develop an Outstanding Personal Brand

Surprisingly, recent surveys show that the majority of law firm website traffic tends to be directed to specific lawyers’ bio pages. As a matter of fact, this is because clients are actually interested more in hiring a reputable lawyer as opposed to the firm where they work. This is because most clients want to work with lawyers with an outstanding reputation.

So, as a lawyer, developing a top-notch personal bio is a fantastic tool in legal advertising. It comes in handy in giving you an edge and a competitive advantage over your learned friends. As a lawyer, ensure your bio is hugely informative. Be sure to include the following information when creating your bio:

– A professional photo
– Your past outstanding work experiences, licenses, and your other credentials.
– Links to your social channels and legal publications
– Relevant keywords for effective SEO ranking
– A call-to-action clearly showing how you would want your visitors to contact you.

2. Invest in Great Content Marketing and SEO for Lawyers

SEO, as you may already know, is also referred to as Search Engine Optimization. It entails making a website or other online content rank high in search engines like Google through various optimization techniques. A well-optimized site will appear on the very first page of any search engine whenever someone searches your products or services online.

As a lawyer, online marketing is crucial. You can leverage this by hiring a reputable content marketing and SEO expert to help you come up with personalized content tailor-made for marketing your services. While at it, remember that different legal fields may require different internet marketing approaches. If you specialize in family law, a reputed digital marketing agency for family law firms is what you will need. This is mostly because people usually look at different types of lawyers differently, and their needs may vary across the board. The marketing agency you work with should possess the experience to market your services in a personalized and customized approach to suit your practice and your law firm.

3. Participate in Local Events

As a lawyer, involving yourself in local events is a great tactic to promote your brand both on and offline. For instance, you may decide to sponsor a local football team or host a seminar. During these kinds of local events, participants will certainly be taking pictures and posting them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. Moreover, you can request them to tag your company’s name in their posts or even include a link to your law firm’s website.

4. Presence on Social Media

If you’re wondering whether your law firm needs a Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter account, then yes, it does. As a matter of fact, most individuals expect all brands to have some sort of online presence. That’s why whenever a brand is mentioned, they will rush to search it on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Also, social media presence humanizes you and your brand. While most people expect law firms to be stiff suits that are just money-oriented, you can offer your potential clients a window on behind the scenes. For instance, you can post your law firm on charity events, sports activities, any other social human things.

5. Stay on the Top with Email Marketing for Lawyers

Another easiest and cheapest way of advertising your services as a lawyer is through strategic email marketing. In actual fact, nobody has ever gotten out of life without needing some sort of legal services. Therefore, you should not allow your contacts to forget about your services but keep on sending them regularly newsletters with great content with value. You may also include links to your latest articles on your blog. You never know, a contact in your mail list might not be directly in need of your service but might refer you to their sister, brother, friend, in-laws, etc.

6. Generate Great Reviews from Past Legal Clients

Reviews should be your greatest friend when it comes to advertising your legal services. Let’s not hit the bush, almost everyone looks for reviews before buying anything. Well, legal services are no exception. So, generating exceptional online reviews will definitely double your odds of reaching new clients as well as retaining the existing ones.

As a legal professional, you need to proactively advertise your services to stay relevant in the legal industry. The best part is that there are a multitude of platforms through which you can do this in the digital age we live in. The above few points should help you take your practice to the next level through advertising your legal services.


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