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Top 8 Celebrity Court Cases You Need to Know

There are a lot of celebrity cases that are too infamous and other ones that we’ve probably heard nothing about. These court cases are important for the general public because they help us know how the legal system actually works around us. These stories could inspire us and in some other cases warn us. If you’re interested in celebrity court cases, make sure to check out the list below.

1. Michael Jackson

During the peak of Michael Jackson’s career, people had started hearing rumors about him being a child molester. It all started when the King of Pop decided to invite one of his young fans to Neverland, which was a house in a big amusement park that he had built. According to Jackson’s claims, he would innocently play with his invited guests there and nothing more took place. However, the parents of these children said otherwise. Jackson was not arrested for these claims, yet, his name still comes up after his death because the allegedly molested children who are adults now, still claim that he had sexually abused them.

2. Taylor Swift

Back in 2013, Taylor Swift sued DJ David Muller for making unwanted sexual advances. Swift took this incident to court; she also chose to be compensated for the amount of $1. She said that it wasn’t about the money, rather, it was about empowering other women and showing them that they too can stand up for their rights. Soon enough after this, Muller’s career was and still is effectively ruined.

3. Haley Joel Osment

After the Forest Gump child actor turned 18, he was arrested for driving while under the influence. Osment was arrested and later paid a fine. According to the lawyers from, a lot of people are charged with this crime and the numbers are still rising; they inform their clients of the dangers of this felony because things can get drastic once they hurt someone else. Fortunately, Osment didn’t hurt anyone else except for the poor mailbox which was hit by his car.

4. Rebel Wilson

It’s not often that celebrities sue media outlets; however, actress Rebel Wilson filed a defamation case when a media organization stated that she lied about her age so that directors would cast her. Wilson didn’t take these accusations lightly; she filed a lawsuit against them and the said media outlet is supposed to pay her $600,000. Wilson said that she’ll be donating this amount of money once she receives it.

5. Chris Brown

Back in the early 2000s when Chris Brown and Rihanna were dating, a fight sparked between the couple. It sadly ended with Brown viciously physically attacking Rihanna. The couple parted ways after the incident and Brown was later arrested and paid a fine for his hideous actions. The R&B star is still facing difficulties because of his uncontrollable rage and physical abuse of his ex-partner.

6. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is not exactly the kind of celebrity you think of when you’re trying to remember celebrity lawsuits. However, this star was arrested for defending her husband against the police. The story goes, Witherspoon’s husband was stopped by the cops because they thought he was driving while under the influence. The star didn’t approve of what was happening and decided to negotiate with the cops. However, this sadly took a wrong turn and the police ended up arresting her. She was also sent to court, where she was fined with disorderly conduct.

7. Dr. Luke

Another sexual assault story involves Kesha and Dr. Luke. A few years ago, Kesha filed a lawsuit against the American record producer for sexually assaulting her. The star said that he had forced himself onto her. Despite her claims, the court kept siding with Dr. Luke and unfortunately for the music star, she didn’t win the case. Kesha was also blocked from ever filing a case against Dr. Luke again.

8. Katy Perry

Another strange court case is the battle between Katy Perry and the nuns. Once upon a time, Perry was interested in buying a convent from the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles. However, the nuns wanted to give the property to Dana Hollister. After the case escalated, Hollister paid a fine of $5,000,000 for meddling in the sale. After that, the nuns were in court for the hearing, and a nun died while she was there. It was also later reported that the nuns didn’t take permission from the legal owner of the building, which made the case a bit more complicated.

All in all, there are plenty of court cases that one should know about. We could learn a lot from these stories. They also help us to see the kind of people who often idealize without knowing who they actually are. They also open our eyes to harsh realities that are important for us to acknowledge. Finally, they allow us to observe the system and the lawyers. This way we can get to know how these moving parts work together.


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