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Top 5 Writing Programs for Students

Getting a good higher education is the dream of many young people. Being able to study at top universities in the U.S. is often another educational dream which prospective students aspire to.

Leading educational institutions promise the best degrees and writing programs, promoting the opportunity to land jobs that make careers. Increase your exposure to these writing programs and other qualifications, and set yourself up for life. Complete your writing education at any of these 5 major universities.

Get into Brown University

Are you aspiring to get into Brown University and need a killer admission essay to pursue a writing program? Brown University is situated on Rhode Island, was established in 1764, and offers excellent degrees in English. This university is also renowned for its exceptional medical programs through the highly-regarded Alpert Medical School.

Qualifications are not limited to these fields of study, so students who wish to pursue their education here can explore alternate options to further their ambitions.

If you’re already a student but are struggling to meet the demands of higher learning, consider a service that writes dissertations. EduBirdie is a trusted name in this regard that helps you to enhance your writing skills, and to get you through the year.

Is Cornell University More Your Speed?

If Cornell University is better suited to your ambitions of learning to write well, then know it is highly-ranked at no. 17 for the best universities to attend. Many students opt for Cornell University because it has over 1,000 organizations to choose from.

Situated in Ithaca, New York State, students can live on or off-campus. Cornell also boasts a strong Greek presence and provides for over 60 sorority and fraternity groups to belong to, including writing groups. Sportsmen and women will enjoy ice hockey, lacrosse, and men’s wrestling programs in addition to their studies.

Thinking About Attending Princeton University?

Princeton University is the highest-ranking destination for education. Focus on studies in Public and International Affairs, or try your hand at engineering or writing. All of these faculties enjoy a superior reputation.

If these fields of study don’t interest you, indulge in your passion for applied sciences or military and linguistics studies, if you fancy a career serving your country in the armed forces.

Serving in the military is not just about fighting—excellent linguistics are also required for clarity in both the written and oral word. When you aren’t studying, support the Ivy League Princeton Tigers, who excel in lacrosse. Or, join this university and follow in the esteemed footsteps of President Woodrow Wilson, Michelle Obama, or Brooke Shields.

More Interested In Attending Duke University?

Duke University has been around since 1838. Its total undergraduate student component numbers just under 7,000, with annual fees of approximately $60,000, and ranks at no. 10 for the best universities in the country for 2020. Students can acquire high-level education standards in writing and other fields while exploring surrounding Durham.

Durham is well-known for its extra-mural activities, encompassing good entertainment, shopping, and a vast selection of eateries. Known for its Greek life, and exceptional basketball, Duke students are required to live on the campus during their first three years of study.

This requirement will hardly dent your enthusiasm to attend this university with its extensive array of fraternities, together with its excellent writing programs.

Harvard University Is Often The Favorite

Often, students aspire to attend Harvard University because of its reputation (No. 2), and because of its setting in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As one of the oldest universities in the country, built-in 1636, Harvard attracts students to its top business, law, and medical and writing degrees.

Eight presidents have graduated from this university, whose hands must have touched the books in its famous library. Boasting the massive private collection of books on the planet, it is inconceivable that modern students won’t be turning the pages of the same books as former country leaders as they test their written and verbal talents.


Students aspire to follow their ambitions by attending the best universities the country has to offer. These five universities represent the best there is, and students who can graduate from their walls are incredibly privileged. Not only do they become a part of something greater than themselves from the past, but they are enriched with the opportunity to create something larger than themselves, as they move toward their destinies.

Author’s Bio:

James Collins is an admission counselor and career coach who works with college students to help them get into their dream universities and build solid careers. He also helps them with thesis, essays, dissertations, and paper writing while working for a writing service. In his free time, he likes to play tennis, cook Mexican food, and go jogging.

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