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Top 5 Travelling Programs for Students

Traveling as a student can be quite an interesting experience. Not only will you get to experience all the perks of traveling but you will also get to see other cultures, taste different foods, and acquire new language skills. Many students choose to travel on their own, which is indeed a valuable experience. However, traveling with a group and having that security and safety alongside is meaningful as well, since traveling can be challenging many times.

There are ups and down to traveling outside of your country, and of course, certain requirements you must meet in order to be able to do it. A traveling program will help you sort that out and be more confident about enjoying your trip. Here some of the top traveling programs that students recommend.

1. Weekend Student Adventures Europe (WSA)

After studying abroad in Italy for an entire semester, Andy Steves came up with the idea of WSA, an organization that helps students around the world travel to Europe. One of his traveling packages is offering students a chance to visit various European cities at a low price in the time span of a weekend (or more, depending on your needs; the trip can go up to 10 days of travel). By traveling with WSA, you will be able to stay at hostels (and have a real backpacking experience meeting new travelers), taste the cuisine of the city you pick, and experience the nightlife of the place of your choice.

The steps for signing up are easy to follow. First, you book a flight to your favorite destination and get there on your own. At the airport, there will be someone greeting you. From then on, you are to explore the beauty of your chosen country alongside other travelers and guides. Some of the most famous destinations include Barcelona, Dublin, Italy, and others. You can check out more details here.

2. EF Ultimate Break

Another travel-based group, EF Break will take you to places you haven’t even imagined exploring. This program doesn’t necessarily focus on cities but more on adventures. So, depending on what adventures you are prepared to take on, you will be guided towards the right place for you. You could choose ziplining in Costa Rica, visiting the Greek islands, or even taking online tours of European cities. Here you can try to look for an interesting social issues essay topic if you want to know about the places you’re choosing. The main concept that EF came up with is “no stress, just travel.” They ensure that your trip is not at all stressful (taking care of everything else for you) so that you can travel worry-free. Of course, this type of travel is also group-based, so you will have the chance to meet many other students and make new friends.

3. Contiki

Contiki is a cool program that will also leave you worry-free so that you can enjoy your travels. The main purpose of their program is to help students discover new cultures and get the gist of how international travel feels. They offer more than 350 trips around the world, which can be a great chance for you to pick the destination of your choice. Contiki works with international guides and travel managers to ensure that your trip goes well. Here are the steps you’ll have to take if you choose to travel with them: choose the destination of your choice, decide on how you want to travel (your personal traveling style), and start experiencing this world!


AESU was made for young adults who are excited to take on new adventures. They specialize in college student traveling and professional trips for young adults. Their age range varies between 18 and 35. They also offer trips for graduates & young alumni, study abroad programs, and faculty-led programs. They do customized group travel every now and then, depending on the demand. Some of their most popular programs are “Cosmopolitan,” “Explorer,” “Euro Focus,” “Great Escape,” and “European Discovery.” The length of the program varies (between 11-23 days of travel packages).

5. Bus2Alps

This company offers students the chance to travel to various destinations, depending on the student’s preferences. They mostly specialize in seasonal travel, offering packages such as “Beach Season,” or “Florence packages.” They’ll have you meet them in one of the cities of your choice and map out a plan from there. Once you embark on a journey with them, you must stick to the schedule; however, their staff is cool, friendly, and young, so you’ll find no reason not to.


Traveling as a student is an excellent opportunity to develop yourself and grow tremendously. Thus, if you have the chance, you should take this chance. Make sure that you go abroad with an open mind and enough excitement and curiosity to explore. Have fun!


James Collins is a freelancer, writer, and blogger. In his free time, he likes to travel around the world and explore new cultures. James’s passion for traveling turned him into a long-time volunteer. He is now helping students discover new places and sights.

Photo By: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
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