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Tips On How To Enhance Your Home Beauty With These Trendy Wall Colors

Painting your walls not only protects the wall surface but also adds beauty to the interior and exterior of your home. Whether you prefer a single color scheme or use various color combinations, there is a magical effect that your preferred color gives to your home. This cost-effective way of updating your home can have a positive psychological effect when properly utilized. If you can’t afford to add furniture pieces to your interior or place ornaments on your exterior wall, you can experiment with trendy wall colors that can breathe new life into your home.

Use Teal

Teal is one of the least explored colors that your home interior could use. It is a combination of blue and green, which leans closer to the cyan side of shading. Coincidentally, teal is the color of our current year, 2021. It means that this lesser-known color is now emerging as a trendy color you can apply to your home interior. Aside from color, the experts at also advise that you consider the type of finish you want to give to your walls. Different homeowners can have varying preferences, but the commonly preferred paint finishes are flat, matte, semi-gloss, high-gloss, and egg-shell finish. Benjamin Moore is among the leading premier paint brands that can deliver these different types of finishes. While this brand can be quite heavy on the pocket, you can rely on its quality and dependability. Your voice for teal interior color is an excellent one since it combines the calming properties of blue and the rejuvenating effects of green. Using teal for your bedroom walls can give it a calming atmosphere that helps you sleep easily and an energizing color that makes you feel lively when you wake up.


Lavender is another color that needs more exploration due to its versatility. Lavender has various color variations that can complement the lighting conditions of living space and give it more depth. Lavender mist (web color lavender), languid lavender, lavender gray, lavender-blue, and floral lavender are the most popular color variants preferred by interior designers. Among young, female room occupants, lavender shades that have a touch of pink, such as lavender-pink, lavender blush, and pink lavender are popular color choices. Lavender is not just an herb that aids in sleeping, but the color itself can also have a similar effect. Lavender shades also have an affinity to indigo and violet, two of the shortest wavelengths in the visible spectrum. These colors paint the night sky, which gives a relaxing feeling when applied as a ceiling color. When lavender is used in the bedroom, it gives a feeling of relaxation and calmness that helps you sleep easier and better. As mentioned earlier, lavender comes in various shades, with some having bright variations. To make your interior space look trendy, apply transition shading that goes from light shades on the floor and walls, and darker shades on the overhead part up to the ceiling.


Green is another versatile color that you can experiment on for your interior design. Its various shades and variations have a revitalizing and soothing effect, which makes it a perfect color theme or additional color scheme for your living room, home office, or bedroom. It complements many colors such as blue, violet, purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow. Green is generally neutral and does not overwhelm other colors near it. It can also be the primary color theme, and the colors mentioned earlier can accentuate it. For those who want a timeless interior theme, green can harmoniously bring together classical and contemporary designs. You will love going home and relaxing on a couch surrounded by shades of green that makes you feel relaxed, youthful, and close to nature.

Pale Gray

Light or pale shades of gray are excellent for giving your room a cool, balanced, and neutral look. It is a superb choice for those who want a low-key yet sophisticated look that exudes professionalism and maturity. Pale shades of gray compliment pink, green, red, and blue colors marvelously. Gray has excellent light-dispersing properties, which helps distribute light to a room or living space evenly and reduces glare from poorly angled lighting. The elegant neutrality of gray gives your home a modern or contemporary look that is trendy and pleasing to the eyes.

Transforming the look and beauty of your home does not have to be complicated or expensive. Applying different color schemes is a splendid start for your home makeover journey. Explore what colors improve your mood, make you feel good, and spark your creativity. Be open to experimenting with your creative ideas and taking inspiration from other interior designs. After all, when you make your home more comfortable, it also exudes an aesthetically pleasing aura.


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