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The Latest Craze in TikTok You Have Probably Heard Already

The explosive growth of TikTok has led to equally explosive growth in various crazes. Nonetheless, the creativity involved is often brilliant, and with each new sensation comes new levels of creativity from the young and old users that now populate this platform. So what is the latest craze to take off as of 2021?

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social video platform that is used by over 1 billion people globally. It has 3 million active daily users and generates over 10 billion views per day. The mobile app lets users create and share short, fun videos with their friends and followers. Users can add different face filters and use the soundtrack provided by TikTok or purchase one from the store. TikTok was created in China in 2016 and has since seen growing popularity worldwide, especially among young people. The app also makes it easy for users to create videos quickly while on the go.

This ease of use has enabled users to develop unique (and sometimes dangerous) TikTok challenges and crazes. These ideas can go viral extremely quickly and, when paired with a great soundtrack, can rack up millions of views from around the world. TikTok is also famous for its use of songs and can even turn a relatively obscure track into one that tops streaming lists globally! Some of the best TikTok songs are those that are catchy and connect perfectly with the video. For example, the song’s remix, “Roses,” became a worldwide phenomenon overnight once it gained TikTok fame. The fantastic thing about this fact is that an unknown DJ created the remix in Kazakhstan by the name of Imanbek! This goes some way in showing the power of this platform over and above other social media platforms.

Top TikTok Crazes

Most creases tend to involve a catchy song paired with an imaginative dance routine. These routines can already exist, or one choreographed by the person who made it go viral.


The “renegade” dance is TikTok’s most popular dance, with over 29.7 million people following it. It was one of the earliest viral dances to transcend the app and spread so widely that it provoked so many others to attempt to follow suit.

Number One Baby

Although the “number one baby” dance is not the official name of this dance. Furthermore, if you ask any TikTok user to do it, you will almost certainly see them performing choreography that primarily requires hand movements and ends with them holding an invisible child.

The Box

Charli D’Amelio, TikTok’s most recognizable star, helped Roddy Ricch’s song “The Box” gain popularity. In January, D’Amelio started posting videos of herself performing the choreography to the opening section of the song. In a short period, the trend caught on, and nearly two million users currently attempt the dance. It goes to show you that with a critical mass of followers, TikTokers can make just about anything spread like wildfire.


Anyone who has a kid that uses this platform will most likely have heard them humming this tune by BENEE. With poppy choreography and an upbeat song, this trend has managed to capture the zeitgeist. Additionally, the dance caught the attention of TikTok influencers such as Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, helping to spread it. Up to this point, “Supalonely” has been featured in 8.8 million videos, possibly more than it could ever have hoped to achieve on its own.

Git Up Challenge

This one is an oldie but a goodie and can be lauded as one of the original challenges that supercharged TikTok to where it is in the USA. Ajani Huff, 19, and Davonte House, 21, both from Utah, have created several TikTok videos that have gone viral. Three million videos on the app have been uploaded to their dance to Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” posted in May 2019. It involves an exciting dance routine paired with the highly catchy hip hop/ country mixed song from Blanco Brown.

Why Is TikTok So Popular?

There is no doubt that TikTok has captured something that other platforms have been unable to capture. But what are the reasons for this?

Smart Algorithms

The app’s content discovery feed, or “For You” page (FYP), makes TikTok addictive to teen users and people of all ages. The timeline is the primary way users discover new content in the app. The TikTok FYP is populated with the most appropriate content using an algorithm that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning. You interact more with certain types of videos more regularly, which helps the application determine your interests. Your feed will display more videos about the outdoors if you like, comment, or share videos about them. Essentially, catchy user-generated content, paired with incredibly intelligent AI and machine learning algorithms, has resulted in an application that can provide the exact content at the right time to keep its user engaged.

Fresh Trends

Furthermore, TikTok’s prominence is a function of the abundance of trends, including dance challenges for popular songs and videos with filters that are aligned with popular in-app filters. Currently, popular online trends are prioritized by the current algorithm. Users often create content aligning with hot trends, since hot trends tend to gain the most engagement. In essence, it leverages a psychological trick that makes people want to replicate what is already popular in order to become famous themselves. This results in a constant flurry of popular TikTok personalities coming up with viral trends and a mass of followers replicating them. This ends up in a feedback loop whereby the more people follow specific trends, the more they will get promoted. The more it gets boosted by the algorithm, the more popular it gets until a newer trend emerges and the cycle repeats.

It’s Fun

There is no doubt that TikTok is far more fun than other social media platforms. Instead of posting static images or updates, it allows users to create dynamic content straightforwardly. TikTok has an abundance of trends, crazes, and challenges that show no sign of slowing down. This is partly due to their sophisticated algorithms that promote and then cement trends based on user interaction.


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