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The Dangers of Driving a Poorly-Maintained Car You Should Know

Many people think that car crashes are only caused by factors like texting while driving, drunk driving, as well as bad weather conditions. However, maintenance issues are among the leading causes of accidents. If you drive a faulty car and are involved in an accident that causes injuries to others, you can be held liable for negligence.

What to Do in Case of an Accident?

Cities like Brooklyn, Athens, and Austin are known for their frequent car accidents. These accidents vary in severity and can often result in death. If you are involved in an accident, and you believe that it is the other driver’s fault, you must enlist the services of a professional car accident attorney. When you hire a car accident attorney in Athens, Clarke County, you can ensure that your lawyer is familiar with the state’s laws and the statute of limitations, which allows you to get the best representation possible in your compensation claim. Experienced lawyers know how to handle different cases involving car accidents so that you can get a fair settlement for injuries and property damages. If necessary, a lawyer can litigate your case if you fail to reach an agreement with the other party involved in the crash.

Read on to learn about the dangers of driving a poorly maintained car.

Cracked Windshield

Some people can ignore cracked windshields thinking that they are not a big deal, but they can contribute to accidents. Cracks in the windscreen are very dangerous, especially when you are driving at night. The beam of oncoming traffic when you are driving at night can blur your vision, which can lead to a crash. In an emergency, you may not be able to react on time if you cannot see clearly. Therefore, a small obstruction can make a big difference when it comes to road safety.

Furthermore, malfunctioning wipers can also lead to vehicle crashes. When you are driving in bad weather characterized by rain or fog, you should make sure that your wipers are in good working condition. You must also check that all the electronic systems to clear the mist on the windshield inside the car are functioning properly before you drive off.

Poor Lighting

Poor lighting can increase the chances of accidents if you cannot see properly when you are driving at night. The other issue is that if other drivers cannot see your vehicle well, then the chances of being involved in an accident will also increase. The dipping and flashing on your lighting system should work properly so that your vision is not obstructed at night. Your lights should not affect the sight of the other road users at night. The taillights on your car should be in a good condition to ensure that your vehicle is visible to other drivers at night. Additionally, stop lights and indicators should be in good working condition so that other drivers are aware of your intentions and signals on the road.

Faulty Brakes

If you do not service your brakes regularly, they can suddenly fail, thereby exposing you to dangerous accidents. The brake pads should be changed when they develop signs of issues that include weakening pressure when on the pedal when you apply brakes. The car can also swing to one side when you apply your brakes. Repeatedly adding brake fluid to the cylinder is also another sign that should tell you that your brakes need attention. The poor braking system greatly compromises your safety since you may not stop or control the car in an emergency.

Bald Tires

It is recommended that tires on your vehicle should be changed after covering a specific mileage. However, some people overuse their tires until they become bald, and this increases the chances of accidents. Driving on slippery roads is highly dangerous if your tires have a bad grip. The other danger is that you are likely to experience tire bursts when they are in bad shape. A bald tire is visible, so there can be no excuse for saying that you were not aware that your tires are in bad condition. Your tires should also be properly inflated to ensure that your vehicle is balanced to prevent any hazards.

While accidents are inevitable, they are sometimes caused by preventable factors, such as poor vehicle maintenance. Faulty brakes and bald tires are among the major causes of accidents worldwide, as they hinder your ability to control the vehicle. Additionally, poor lighting, cracked windscreens, as well as malfunctioning wipers can also cause serious accidents, as they can affect your vision in bad weather. Make sure you conduct regular inspection and maintenance on your car to ensure your safety, as well as others’, while on the road.


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