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Laughs All Around for the Hallmark Shoebox 29th Birthday Celebration at The Hollywood Improv Hosted by Rob Riggle

You may know Rob Giggles from his roles in The Hangover or Stepbrothers, well tonight he hosted Hallmark’s Shoebox 29th Anniversary at the infamous Hollywood Improv. Rob mentioned that he was 29 years old himself, and to “Party your face off because when you’re thirty it’s over”. Everyone was full of smiles and giggles for the celebration. Comedian Colleen Ballinge looked as gorgeous as ever on the red carpet, and

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Hallmark’s Shoebox line 29th Anniversary

Invite Only – Hallmark’s Shoebox line of greeting cards will celebrate 29 years of laughs and the success of their mission to spread their edgy, off-the-wall humor with the world with a star-studded comedy show at the infamous Improv, Hollywood. Rob Riggle, who is hosting the event, will present a night of fun which includes stand-up acts from top comedians, beer pong, belly laughs and the world’s funniest Shoebox Card

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