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Start Reducing Waste With These Helpful Tips

We could all do a little better when it comes to our carbon footprint and the amount we waste. We spend a lot of our time cruising through life accepting that certain things are the way they are and that there’s not much we can do about it. However, that doesn’t have to be true. We don’t have to just accept plastic waste being eaten by animals, food being thrown

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6 Practical Tips To Preserve The Environment In Your Neighborhood

Your health isn’t the only one that’s affected by the wellness of your environment. Your children and even your future grandkids’ health depend on it too. For that reason, you need to take action to improve your neighborhood’s environment as soon as possible. But how can you do it? You neither necessarily need to be a politician nor plenty of connections to improve your environment. True enough, connections and power

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5 Simple Ways to Make Your House Green by Habitat For Humanity Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA)

Let’s face it LA fam, sometimes it is the little things that matter the most. I believe that we have it in us as a community to make an effort for the betterment of our dearly beloved planet. Habitat For Humanity Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA), an organization which strives to eliminate substandard housing through advocacy, education and partnership shared 5 easy tricks to make your house earth friendly. The

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