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You get a Google Pixel 2, You get a Google Pixel 2, We all get a Google Pixel 2 at the Made by Google Launches a Pop-Up in Los Angeles

On October 17th, Google celebrated their second highly anticipated Los Angeles Pop-Up, Made by Google, with a special event featuring a live performance by Jaden Smith. Guests enjoyed DJ sets by SimiHaze, Johnny Wujek, Markus Molinari, and DJ Crespo, a food experience by Wolvesmouth, and a video installation by Jen Stark. Throughout the shop, guests experienced one-of-a-kind immersive demos of the new Google Pixels and homes. Guests were treated to

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Made by Google

Invite Only – The special opening night event for Made by Google in Los Angeles with lots of surprises. This year Google will open two pop-ups through the holidays — one in New York and another in Los Angeles — where people can come in to see and experience the new Made by Google line of products.