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ADBD Presents Los Fairfax, Vol. 3

The Fairfax Community got together on Thursday night, March 26th, to celebrate Los Fairfax hosted by ADBD. The event highlighted the amazing artwork that artist Tonia Calderon added inside and on the storefront of ADBD, which she described as “personal hieroglyphics.” Guests brought out their best fashion and enjoyed raw music from MC Troi Breeze while sipping on drinks provided by Mama’s Boy Infusions. It is truly inspiring to be

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ADBD Presents Los Fairfax, Vol. 3

RSVP – Featuring Mural Art and Fashion Capsule by Tonia Calderon/ Live Musical Performance by Troi Breeze and DJ Slim/ Video Production by YKMG/ Drinks Provided by Mama’s Boy Infusions