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How Can Yoga Help Improve a Person’s Mental Wellbeing

Yoga is a different experience for everyone who chooses to practice it. For some, yoga is a form of meditation. For others, yoga is a relaxing stretch after a workout. The environment where yoga is practiced can also have an impact on the experience. Think about how different you feel practicing in a class versus in your own home. Regardless of the purpose of pursuing yoga, there are many benefits

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Cyber Ceremony @ Dirty Laundry

Guestlist Only – This guestlist weekly series is filled with dope beats and fun people at Dirty Laundry hosted by Amika Akaya and Jermaine Kemp.

Haze Collection and The W Hollywood Pool Party

RSVP – Please join the HAZE Collection team to view our new collection of luxury sunglasses, and enjoy complimentary champagne as we celebrate #HazeInHollywood. RSVP: [email protected]