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Cinespia Presents “The Usual Suspect”

Ticketed – The thriller that still reigns as a tour de force, won the oscar for best screenplay and best supporting actor. A legendary crime lord who is the most feared man on the planet, ropes five criminals into a heist that could get them $65 million in drug money, if they can live to take it. But who is Keyser Söze? Gripping, hair-raising and downright thrilling, this beautifully crafted

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Cinespia Presents “The Wizard of Oz”

Ticketed – Join us as we celebrate the life of Judy Garland on the occasion of the unveiling of her new resting place at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Starring the incomparable Judy Garland in her greatest role, The Wizard of Oz is the musical that embodies everything there is to love about classic Hollywood: fantasy, song, beautiful sets and a sixteen year old starlet who took motion pictures by storm! Dorothy

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Cinespia Presents “Wayne’s World”

Ticketed – Wayne and Garth played by Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, the Saturday Night Live cult icons are perennial slackers in this classic comedy of headbangin’ pop culture. Twenty five years later, the hijinks are still hilarious as the metalheads leave their parents’ basement to take their public access show to the world. Rob Lowe stars as a villainous producer eager to steal Wayne’s girlfriend and dupe them out

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Cinespia Presents “Clueless”

Ticketed – Cher, a bubbly Beverly Hills high school student means to do good. When her social engineering turns to the new girl, a pretty but shy wallflower, things don’t turn out as planned. As she transforms lives around her, happiness always eludes Cher. Can she find love amidst all her good deeds? Upbeat, spunky and downright hilarious, the comedy classic from director Amy Heckerling is an all time favorite.

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Cinespia Presents “North by Northwest”

Ticketed – Hitchcock’s masterpiece was made at the peak of his career and is the perfect thriller. Roger Thornhill, a bustling ad man, is mistaken for an agent and kidnapped by a ring of spies with a sinister plan. With the help of an alluring and clever but mysterious woman on a train he goes on the run, evading both the deadly spies and the police as he tries to

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Cinespia Presents “Boogie Nights”

Ticketed – Anderson’s tour-de-force about the porn industry in 1970s Los Angeles swept across screens and launched the career of one of our most brilliant filmmakers. Mark Wahlberg stars as the well endowed but naive dishwasher who became one of the biz’s greatest heroes. Discovered by a powerful producer, his fame grows as does his attachment to his new film family. Pulsing disco, thrusting camera moves and a dream cast

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Twin Shadow Performs ‘Purple Rain’

Ticketed – Hollywood Forever and 89.9 KCRW Presents Twin Shadow performing the entire ‘Purple Rain’ album at Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Donnie Darko @ Hollywood Forever

Ticketed – Just in time for Halloween….A funny, dark and expertly mind-bending journey, there’s nothing quite like Donnie Darko. Join us in one of L.A.’s jewel box historic theaters for this rare screening of the irresistible cult classic. Full bars, DJs spinning before the screening, and a themed Cinespia photobooth for pics of you and your friends. 21+ valid ID required for entry. Shown in glorious 35mm film, one night

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MIGUEL: Wildheart Tour @ Hollywood Forever

Ticketed – Miguel is dropping his highly anticipated new album ‘Wildheart’ and will perform for a one of a kind show at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. This concert will be epic and tickets will go fast so make sure to get them before they run out. Tickets go on sale June 19th at noon.

Cinespia & Sundance Institute: Cop Car

Ticketed – For Sundance Nextfest, Cinespia and the Sundance Institute have teamed up to show “Cop Car” at Hollywood Forever.