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Want to Get Paid to Attend Events in the Los Angeles Area? Download SURKUS

We have found the solution to your social needs Los Angeles, and it is called SURKUS. In a city that has an endless amount of activities, it can be tough to pinpoint where and what you should be doing. When you create your SURKUS profile that is connected to your facebook and instagram, SURKUS will find events that might be of interest to you, where you can explore new things

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#FeedTheSweeb New Social Network Launches in LA

Sweeble is the newest social network to sweep across the digital population. On Thursday, June 11 the Sweeble app launched with a celebration amongst the top tech savvy consumers at the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Walking into the event everyone seemed to have the same curiosity as to what exactly Sweeble was. All we knew was that the distinguishable blue jellyfish was oddly intriguing and admittedly pretty cool. Equipped

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