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7 Important Tips On How To Choose The Right Brain Food And Supplements

Nutrition is everything, it influences how you look and how you feel so it should be taken seriously! Having a healthy, balanced diet is great, but you can take the next step further and add more beneficial items to the list! But in order to get all the great benefits, you need to find the right products for you – that are proven to work! So here are 7 important

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6 Effective Ways To Increase Your Daily Protein Intake

Did you know that getting enough protein is important for your health? The recommended daily intake is around 50 grams of protein per day, but some research has shown that many people should be consuming more. A high protein intake assists with weight loss, as well as increases muscle mass, and improves overall health. Here are a few effective ways to increase your daily protein intake. 1. Eat Proteins First

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How to Preserve Your Good Looks Before Turning 50

We live in times where we have access to so much information and incredible technology that expands our abilities in every field. It was once talk of fiction when people would converse about the fountain of youth and the key to immortalizing our youth- it was pretty much-considered science fiction! But now we are more than capable of holding on to our youth through a number of mediums and methods,

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Reasons Why You Might Need to Use Standing Desks

While profit generation and productivity in the office are an entrepreneur’s biggest area of focus, none of that may be possible without a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment. These days, standing desks are increasingly becoming a popular option for offices that need to boost employee morale by improving comfort, health, and safety. This is because long periods of sitting in the office are associated with a myriad of health risks,

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Coors Light + The FADER: #reFRESHLA w/ HEALTH

Invite Only – COORS LIGHT & THE FADER INVITE YOU TO CELEBRATE #reFRESHLA at LOS GLOBOS with a performance by Health and DJ Set by P. Morris.