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The Blaze at the Wiltern

Ticketed – French duo The Blaze in support of their debut album DANCEHALL performing at the Wiltern.

A Case For Places: Sip your Fresh Brewed Coffee while Looking through Antiques at Marie et Cie

Here at LA Guestlist, we’re not kidding when we say that we’re sourcing LA’s culture. We’re constantly on the search for new locations and offerings from the great city of Los Angeles, whose endless, nonsensical landscape presents a never-ending whirlwind of spots to claim you found all on your own. It’s okay, we know what’s up. We’re here to help you live out your pseudo-hipster wannabe fantasy. We won’t tell

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Klingande @ La Fonda

Ticketed – Klingande is a French deep house producer with a prominent use of the piano and the saxophone. The artists’ name is pronounced “Kling-ond”. He will be playing his tunes at La Fonda Theatre.