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Jason Derulo Album Release Party @ 1 OAK

Table Reservations – In honor of Jason Derulo’s new album ‘Everything Is 4’, he will be celebrating and I am sure performing at 1 OAK tonight. 3rd show in a row for Jason in Los Angeles this week.

Huge Prodution for the Tinder Plus Launch Party with Jason Derulo and ZEDD at Hangar 8 Santa Monica

BIG PRODUCTION is what the Tinder Plus Launch Party at Hangar 8 Santa Monica radiated. The Neon Carnival is the more notable high production nighttime event that we have attended at an airport hangar, and at first, thats what it felt like we were getting ourselves into. Well, it obviously wasn’t The Neon Carnival but Tinder threw an over the top celebration for the launch of Tinder Plus at the

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