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Cinespia Presents “The Night of the Living Dead”

Ticketed – Intelligent, crafty and terrifying, the late great George Romero single-handedly started the zombie horror genre. A group of desperate individuals (led by Duane Jones) seeks refuge in an abandoned house to escape flesh-eating zombies ready to feast. The sanctuary becomes a prison as the captives struggle to keep the cannibalistic dead out and any sense of order in. A master of horror, Romero became a star as his

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Cinespia Presents “Wayne’s World”

Ticketed – Wayne and Garth played by Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, the Saturday Night Live cult icons are perennial slackers in this classic comedy of headbangin’ pop culture. Twenty five years later, the hijinks are still hilarious as the metalheads leave their parents’ basement to take their public access show to the world. Rob Lowe stars as a villainous producer eager to steal Wayne’s girlfriend and dupe them out

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