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Humble Flower Social Mixer

Invite Only – An exclusive first look at leading, luxury CBD and cannabis-infused topical line, Humble Flower, as they will debut their new, elevated look on Melrose. Join us and enjoy an evening of relaxation and fun with our DJ, complimentary drinks, CBD massages and more! Additionally, all guests will receive a free gift with purchase.

Dan Bilzerian: The King Of Instagram Becomes The King Of Marijuana

Dan Bilzerian is a gambling man and he’s going all-in on the booming cannabis industry, which is projected to reach $31.4 billion in revenue by 2021. The “King of Instagram” and professional poker player is not shy about his love for marijuana (also: women + guns) but what his 24.3 million Instagram followers may not know is that he’s a savvy entrepreneur who founded the world’s first super-premium cannabis lifestyle

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Chill the F*** Out with Botanika Life CBD

Drop what you’re doing and chill the f*** out with Botanika Life: the new line of CBD products that’ll take your wellness routine from “meh” to “oh meh goodness!” And I’m not overhyping it. In fact, I’m writing this article in a particularly relaxed state of mind — AKA I’ve just had a few sprays of their CBD in addition to some CBD Oil in my coffee this morning —

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