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Sundance 2017: Chelsea Handler, Charlize Theron and More at The Hub at Park City Live

As the Sundance Film Festival kicked off this weekend, The Hub at Park City Live was the buzz throughout Main Street. On Saturday, Chelsea Handler, Charlize Theron, and Mary McCormack stepped out of the snow and into The Hub after leading the Women’s March on Main Street. The trio of actresses have become the face of the movement in Park City taking the conversation beyond today’s march and into the Marie Claire Studio and 4kUltra HD Showcase. Handler, Theron and McCormack spent quite some time at the lounge presented by the Consumer Technology Association, speaking about the progression of human rights and how each person can make a change by calling their senators every day to demand attention on their initiatives. The Live Lounge presented by Movie Pilot and Twitter, was quite literally a hotspot where former Miss USA Olivia Culpo stopped to do a live chat! Also a fan of the Live Lounge was Hollywood Hunk and Social Media star Brock O’Hurn who sat down for a live chat with his fans for over an hour. The event was produced by Mirrored Media.

Photo By: Getty Images for Park City Live

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