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Sonos Studio + Pandora: An Evening with Allen Stone Live in Los Angeles

Sonos Studio is an acoustically designed music gallery and the best place in Los Angeles to experience the Sonos Wireless HiFi system. On July 28th, 2015, Sonos and Pandora teamed up for fans to experience the sound quality of Sonos Studio with a soulful performance by Allen Stone. From Chewelah, Washington, Stone recently released his third album Radius off of Capital Records. He is one talented individual with lots of charisma. His music can be compared to Maroon 5, with lots of popish funky tunes and a voice of Robin Thicke. Obviously, Allen Stone is his own artist, I just wanted to paint a picture in your head. In his down to earth nature, Allen performed on the streets of LA Brea for his fans that wern’t able to make it inside for his live performance, since Sonos Studio is a small intimate venue. This sounds cliche but you should definitely give Allen Stone a listen, I discovered his music last night and I am glad that I did.

Photo By: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Pandora

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