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How To Be A Safe Traveler During This Virus Season

Countries across the globe have advised their nationals against non-essential travel to help curb the spread of COVID-19, a newly discovered type of coronavirus. It causes respiratory illness, including pneumonia.

While the origin of the virus is Wuhan City, China, it has spread into numerous countries around the world, including the U.S., the U.K., Italy, and Iran. There have been nearly 200,000 reported cases of the coronavirus globally in a short period, and the statistics keep rising.

The symptoms of COVID-19 include a cough, a high temperature, and shortness of breath.

It is imperative that you stay indoors and avoid contact with other people during this pandemic to minimize exposure to the virus, which is moving at unprecedented speeds. Keep yourself busy with various safe activities, like online sports betting (sbobet).

If you do have to travel right now or you can’t postpone your trip to urban hubs like Los Angeles, keep the following tips in mind:

Sanitize High-touch Surfaces

Sanitize your airplane seat and the surrounding environment with disinfecting wipes.

You become infected when viruses on those surfaces come into contact with your mouth and nose. You can minimize that risk of infection by sanitizing surfaces, washing your hands, and avoiding touching face or nose.

Avoid Touching Surfaces in Public Areas

Keep your hands off high-touch surfaces in public areas, including door handles, elevator buttons, and handrails.

If touching something is inevitable, use your sleeve or a tissue to cover your hand or finger. Make sure you wash your hands once you touch surfaces in public areas.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Frequent hand washing is certainly the most important activity that you can do to lower your risk of catching the coronavirus. It shouldn’t be a simple rinse, though. Use soap and water, washing your hands for at least twenty seconds as frequently as possible.

If you can’t find soap and water, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content. Rub the sanitizer gel on your hands and wrists.

NOTE: Hand sanitizer is not usually as effective as a proper wash with water and soap.

Consider Wearing Gloves

Gloves may protect you from the virus when you touch surfaces in public areas. It is also helpful in reminding you not to touch your nose and mouth, which we frequently do. When you wear gloves, you become hyper-conscious of what you touch.

Avoid Touching Your Face with Unclean Hands

We’ve seen that the coronavirus enters your body through the mouth, nose, and eyes. If you’ve been in a public environment, avoid touching your face unless you have cleaned your hands thoroughly.

Keep in mind that COVID-19 can live on surfaces for several hours after an infected person touches the surfaces.

Avoid Close Contact With People

If you are traveling to a place with a high number of coronavirus cases, stay away from crowded areas. If you notice someone with flu-like symptoms, especially coughing or sneezing, be sure to stay at least one meter (three feet) away from them.

These tips will help minimize your risk of the coronavirus when you are traveling.


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