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Renovation Projects That Will Increase Home Security

Security is a very important thing and one we should be thinking more about, with burglary rates rising all around the world. Many people are blissfully unaware that their homes are completely unprotected and that should a burglar decide to sneak in while they are out, that they will likely be unable to stop them [the burglar] or catch them. There are many ways in which a person can add extra security to their home, and we here believe that it is crucial that as a homeowner, that you do so.

In this article, we will hope to tell you about a few renovation projects that will increase your home’s security and act as a deterrent to burglars, thieves, and con artists. By the end of this page, providing you follow our instructions, your home will be a fortified bunker, impenetrable by criminals.

Here are some renovation projects that will increase your home’s security.

Build a Wall

If you have a larger home with more land, you may be able to build a wall around your home. A wall is one of the best ways you can secure your home and prevent anyone from coming in, or even being able to see in. Walls are easily built, and you can likely, according to the home design experts of, get a free quote from a tradesperson on how much your wall will cost. Building a wall around your home is a great way to protect you, your home, and more importantly, your family.

Erect a Fence

Alternatively to a wall, you can erect a gate or fence. These can still be a very effective way of keeping out intruders and keeping your home secure, although it does still allow intruders to see through and into your home, which may aid them in establishing whether you are at home or not. Even so, climbing over a gate or fence [providing they are high enough and made from wrought iron] is still difficult, and often not worth a burglar’s time. Instead of a wall, a fence could be a great way to protect your home.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems should be your first line of defense against an intruder. An alarm will sound, once activated, if anybody comes onto your property or into your home. Your alarm will connect to a local security firm who will in turn notify the police when they hear your alarm going. Often, when an intruder hears an alarm, the first thing that they will do is try to get away. This is a great way to ensure that if your home is broken into, the intruder will not want to hang around.

Motion Detectors and Lights

Motion detectors and motion lights are another way to safeguard your home against intrusion. These lights will activate whenever somebody appears on your property. You can install floodlights, which will scare off any intruder and prevent them from wanting to stick around. Modern technology also allows for motion detectors that send a notification to your phone, and in turn, you can view your property through a video camera. Motion detectors and lights are a great way for you to ensure that if anybody attempts to break into your property, that they will be scared away, and you will have time to notify law enforcement.

Video Cameras

Video cameras set up around the perimeter of your property is another way for you to ensure that if an intruder does step foot on your property, that you will be able to catch them, and that you will have evidence to give to the police. CCTV cameras lined around your property is a great frontline measure to deter burglaries and theft – you can pick them up for quite a reasonable price and they will deter any criminals from wanting to come in and burglarize your home.

Caged Windows and Doors

This is a common feature in high-crime residential areas. Caging off your windows and doors will ensure that nobody is able to get into your home and that you have a way to prevent anyone from getting inside during your absence. These cages will have locks for you to open them, obviously, but they are so well-made and durable that nobody else will be able to get through them. Give this serious consideration, though. Your home will look like Fort Knox if you put these up, and if that isn’t a look you want, you may want to think twice.

With the help of this page, you now know a few renovation projects you can undertake to protect your home from theft and intrusion. We hope that this page was of help to you and that you learned something from it.


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