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Reasons Why You Need To Drive Safely Around Trucks

If you’ve been regularly driving and you’ve come across a truck at one point, then you’re well aware of how intimidating it can be to drive alongside these beasts of the road. You’re doing yourself a favor by staying far and driving safely around trucks as you wouldn’t want to be a part of an accident involving these. Truck accidents are not only damaging to property, but they are also often fatal too. There are many reasons why you should always drive with caution around trucks and it’s time you take notice of your driving activity around them. Here are a few reasons why trucks are definitely something you’d want to be careful around.

Truck Accidents Are Often Fatal

In 2019 alone, over 5,000 trucks were involved in a fatal car crash. As compared to previous years, 2019’s numbers pose a 2% increase. As we’ve said before, a lot of truck accidents can be very fatal. If not that, they can leave you with serious injuries that are often life-changing. If you’re traveling with your family, or even on your own, you should be very careful with trucks. You can never really tell when a driver will suddenly make a turn. It’s not just those sudden turns that you should be worried about as truck accidents can be fatal for many reasons.

Legal Problems Are Problematic

When we say legal problems are problematic, we aren’t just referring to trucks. Any legal battle involving cars, trucks, and other vehicles can be time-consuming and expensive as well. As early as now, you want to prepare yourself for possible legal problems in the future. If you get in a truck accident, you’d want to settle things in court as soon as you can. You should coordinate with a truck accident lawyer in Phenix City, AL even before an accident occurs. This way, you have someone to turn to just in case the unavoidable finally happens. As with other legal battles involving vehicular accidents, truck accidents are all about holding those at fault accountable. If the driver is the reason behind the accident, then you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, losses, and any damage made to your property as well.

Drivers Often Take Long And Tiring Routes

Like you, truck drivers take a lot of care and caution when they’re behind the wheel. However, there are many factors as to why a truck driver might get involved in an accident even if he’s very careful. One factor you should consider is their line of work. Truck drivers usually drive for long hours per day, getting little to no rest in between just so they can meet the quota. Because of their hectic lifestyle, it’s very common for drivers to get into accidents because of sheer exhaustion. As such, you should avoid trucks especially late at night.

Trucks Have A Huge Blind Spot

If you may have noticed, most trucks come with a warning around the side saying that there’s a blind spot. Simply put, a blind spot or a No-Zone is an area that a truck driver can’t see. For instance, if you’re in that blind spot and the driver makes a sudden turn, then you’re going to be in serious danger. The blind spots of the truck include the back of it, and the two sides of the truck as well. As a general rule of thumb, you need to stay a few meters away from the blind spots if you want to stay safe. Most of the accidents that happen in relation to trucks happen because people didn’t respect the blind spot. Cars have blind spots too but they are a lot smaller as compared to a truck’s.

Maneuverability Is A Lot Less In Trucks

Trucks are very hard to handle. Aside from the vehicle itself, drivers must also learn how to control the load they are carrying at all costs. It can’t be helped in some situations where drivers begin losing control of their carried load as maneuverability of trucks is very minimal. A lot of the accidents that happen with trucks involve not the vehicle itself, but the load or the container that the truck carries. Remember, truck drivers have no full control over these. Truck accidents are definitely the last thing you’d want to be involved with while driving on the road. These reasons are just a small sampling of exactly why you need to drive safer around trucks. If not for yourself, consider how your family would feel if you get into an accident around trucks.


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