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Practical Items That You Should Have With You While Traveling

When it comes to getting ready for a trip, some people write down a detailed list of everything they need to pack for their vacation. Others just go with the flow and grab anything in sight that they think may be useful. Whichever your packing style is, the chances are that you always feel like you left something behind as soon as you hit the road. This is why we gathered a list of practical items that you should have with you while traveling anywhere.

Your Passport

Although this goes without saying, you would be surprised at the number of people who arrive at the airport just to discover that they forgot to bring their passport. If you’re like most people, you put your passport on the table beside your front door. However, with how chaotic the last few minutes before setting out for your trip can be, you may wind up leaving your passport right where you left it. In some cases, especially Europeans who want to travel inside Europe, you may only need your ID or driver’s license for the trip. Though, this depends on the airline that you’re using; so it’s recommended that you have your passport with you at all times. You also need to check if your passport is valid for at least 6 more months. Not only would this help ensure that your trip goes smoothly, but it would also give you the chance to get it renewed.


Nowadays, many electronic devices, including laptops and mobile phones, are only compatible with type A and type G plugs. The problem is that the standard domestic power plugs vary widely from country to country. Meanwhile, Type F plugs are usually the most popular types on a global level. Purchasing a Euro adapter or a type F one would save you the trouble of being unable to charge your electronics. However, it’s still advised that you search for the standard power plug type in the country you’re traveling to, so you can buy compatible adapters beforehand. If you’re staying at a hotel, you can also check if they have built-in USB ports.


Not only do backpacks make great carry-ons, but they are also awesome to have on any trip. Besides being too small to carry everything you need, purses can be a pain to carry around. If you always carry them around, you know how heavy they can get on one shoulder. When this happens, you keep shifting its weight from one shoulder to another every few minutes, which eventually becomes quite frustrating. Carrying a backpack will ensure that you have enough space to carry everything while evenly distributing the weight on both your shoulders and back. Checking out a guide to travel backpacks before you purchase one would be a great idea. The endless styles, brands, and types on the market can otherwise leave you confused and unable to decide on the right one for you.

Socks, Underwear, and Laundry Bag

When you’re traveling, you need to make sure that you’re packing enough socks and underwear for the trip. You can always consider the number of days you’ll be staying and pack at least three extra pairs of each. If you’re planning a long trip, then keep in mind that you’d still need the extras for when you’re washing the dirty pairs. Having a thin dirty laundry bag will come in handy; you can use it to separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones until you go back home. If you’re traveling abroad and will be doing a lot of sightseeing, make sure that the bands and your socks are up to your ankles and aren’t worn out; nothing is more bothersome than having your socks slip into your shoes. If you’re going somewhere cold, pack thick socks; walking around with freezing feet can be really hard.

Portable Chargers

Phones have literally become man’s fairy godmother; they function as communication tools, clocks, alarm clocks, calculators, translators, currency exchange calculators, cameras, maps, tour guides, and more. They’re perhaps the most important gadgets you’ll need when you travel. Because they have too many functionalities, you end up using them too much on the road, which drains their battery in no time. Getting lost in a foreign city with a dead phone is no fun. This is why you need to make sure that you have a portable charger on you at all times.

The truth is that packing can be very tiresome; it is the second most annoying thing about traveling, right after unpacking. Because no one ever thinks that they’ll leave their most important things behind, they pay the least attention to them and put them off until the last second. It comes as no surprise that these are the items they end up forgetting about. Reviewing this list before you travel will help you ensure that you have everything you need.


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