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Planning To Have A New House? Here Are The Professional Contractors You Need To Hire

Are you planning to get yourself a new house? If so, there is a list of professional contractors you need to check out for your hiring. The reason for having these different contractors is that everyone has a specific set of skills. The law doesn’t require one contractor to perform all duties, even if they can. This article will discuss some of the leading contractors your house needs before it becomes habitable. Check out the list below.

1. General Contractor

A general contractor is an overall contractor who builds and oversees everything in a building. They are the most influential in building a house, and they control all other contractors on what they are supposed to do. They are the people who check every detail of a building and check if it’s according to the design and ensure it’s perfected.

Their most important duty is to find subcontractors for every section in the house. They are the individuals who look for builders, painters, plumbers, carpenters, among others. They also take care of the building materials, equipment, and services. Everything involved in the building is under their supervision.

2. Design and Building Contractors

Before you plan to start building a house, you need to design it and get a builder. Design contractors are responsible for creating the whole project while builders take care of the development. This work goes hand in hand to ensure everything works perfectly. From these truths, it clearly shows these contactors get involved in every step when building a home. In some projects, these contractors end up offering their services even after the project is complete such as maintenance, renovations, and the general maintenance of the building. There is a saying which puts them to know the house better than the owner.

3. Principal Contractor

A principal contractor ensures that the house on build conforms to all the regulations. Their primary duties ensure that the building corresponds with all health and safety regulations, especially in commercial buildings. Some of their duties include monitoring the building progress, planning and managing the construction site, being on top of the work done, and ensuring health and safety precautions get followed. They also modify, review, and update project programs according to the latest trends and feedback.

4. Electrician

Every building nowadays is built to accommodate electrical wiring and appliances. An electrical contractor always does this job. An electrical contractor does all the electrical fixing, including wiring, fixing breaker boxes, and other in-house fixtures. They work hand in hand with the leading grid supplier to ensure power is connected safely into the house after everything gets fixed. With evolved technology, electricians are also being used to install other features, including solar energy, wind power, and geothermal energy. They fall under the general contractor of the house.

5. Plumbers, Heating and Ductwork Contractors

Plumbers also fall under the general contractor. Their work is simple but plays a significant role in the whole building. The duties of a plumber are to lay the water and drainage pipes in the house. They are responsible for connecting water from a well or the main council into the house, installing water heating equipment in the home and its exterior, building drainage systems, connecting them to the drainage line, building septic tanks, and other water requirements in the house. They work hand in hand with heating and ductwork contractors. Heating and ductwork contractors are responsible for installing furnaces, boilers, pipes, and ducts essential for building water. Electricians are also required to work with these contractors.

6. Carpenters

After the house gets done, a carpenter, one of the subcontractors under the general contractor, fixes all wood finishing. They install the doors, windows, cabinets, cupboards, shelves, and anything made from wood. A general contractor might get you one, or you can outsource independently. A carpenter can make or mess your home depending on their expertise. The reason is that the finishing of the house entirely depends on the wood fixings. If they do shoddy work, your house might not look as decent as it seems to be.

Other contractors you can check out, who lie under the general contractor, including painters, pool builders, roofers, masons, landscapers, excavators, and interior design consultants. All these contractors are needed depending on the design and needs of your house. The list above will give you a good clue on the type of contractors you may need, especially if you are new to the building industry. Ensure you get the best general contractor, who will guide you on choosing the rest.

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  • Thanks for mentioning that an electrical contractor can fix all wiring, breaker boxes, and in-house fixtures. My husband and I aren’t planning on building a new home, but we would like to finally finish our basement. We’ll have to look into hiring an electrician contractor that can get all the wiring and lighting figured out down there so that it can be down safely.

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