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Places In L.A. Where You’re Most Likely To Spot A Celebrity

In Los Angeles, seeing a celebrity is commonplace. They’re virtually everywhere. You can see them on the road, you can see them in cafes, you can see them walking down the streets. L.A. is where they all live. All of them, with the exception of a few that choose to live in Brooklyn to pursue a more young, hipster aesthetic. But along with seeing celebrities, there’s an unspoken rule, you treat them like they’re just like anybody else. So with that social agreement, from an L.A. native to you, here are the places in Los Angeles where you’re most likely to spot one:


Celebrities are always on the go. If they’re out and about, they’re booking meetings, going to table reads, and flying out to the location. One of the most common spots to find one is at the airport. In LAX, there’s no secret entrance and no black door where the special people get to go. They get through the terminal just like everyone else. You can make a day out of hanging around El Segundo, getting In-N-Out on Sepulveda, and taking your chance at spotting a celeb. Keep your car in a safe Los Angeles airport parking option, and just bum around. It’s the spot to be for a true celebrity sighting. You might catch a glimpse if you’re lucky.

The Comedy Store

This next one is a horribly kept secret that everybody knows about, but nobody thinks of when they think of celebrity spotting: The Comedy Store on Sunset. It’s an open area right along the road where comedians from movies, TV, and podcasting all conglomerate and chill. Nobody bothers them. Nobody gets weird. Joe Rogan, Chris D’Elia, Kevin Hart, Joey Diaz, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and every other comedian you can think of perform regularly on a weekly basis. Often they’ve got their celebrity friends with them at the bar outside enjoying a few cocktails. It’s pretty wild when you think about it.


Here’s a much more tightly kept secret: Gjelina in Venice. It’s a hip pizza and sandwich cafe serving the local neighborhood of Venice, where a two-bedroom house will set you back $2,000,000 USD or more. It’s a favorite of Prince Harry, Tom hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kylie Jenner all go for a coffee and a croissant. It’s usually packed, and a bagel with coffee is going to cost you $12 USD, easy. But that’s the price of the neighborhood, and celebrities can surely afford it. So pop in early around 8:00 AM. You’ll see people start to filter in from their morning run up and down Venice Beach.

These are just a few of the places you’re most likely to spot celebrities. There’s also the swanky bars and restaurants in Beverly Hills, the more quaint suburban shops of Calabasas, and the bustle of Westwood. But they’re always packed and you won’t be able to see. Remember, in Los Angeles, there won’t be a crowd of people around even the most high profile of celebrities. It’s part of the culture there to not care—or pretend not to care, that their favorite star is right next to them. But as a casual tourist? It’s bound to have you a bit star-struck.


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