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Pinkie Swear Makeup Collective Celebrated Brand Launch with Opening Event “Dawn In: Beauty Illustration in the Digital Age” Curated by Sarah Brown

On Tuesday, August 15, 2017, Pinkie Swear makeup collective celebrated the launch of their art world inspired brand with the opening night event for “Drawn In: Beauty Illustration in the Digital Age,” a special exhibition curated by Sarah Brown. The art exhibition will mark the first in a series of events using the Pinkie Swear brand as a platform to celebrate creators and artists working in the digital beauty realm. “Drawn In” features the work of nine artists from around the world, each of whom was handpicked by award-winning writer and editor Sarah Brown: Monica Ahanonu, Roya Ansari, Gill Button, Petra Eriksson, Pari Dust, Laxmi Hussain, Vincent Moustache, Martine Spencer, and Astrid Vos. Fifty percent of proceeds from the exhibition will benefit P.S. ARTS, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing arts education to underserved public schools and communities. “Drawn In” will be open to the public from August 16-30 at Wilding Cran Gallery in Los Angeles.

Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, the creative force behind the critically acclaimed Wolk Morais fashion label, collaborated with Los Angeles based Artist Mandy Mitchell to create the visuals for the Pinkie Swear brand, drawing inspiration from their shared art school experiences and love of Pop Art and Youth Culture. The first product to be unveiled, and available for pre-order, is Clip Paint, a superstar lip pigment with high-impact color and tons of moisture. Clip Paint is housed in a marker-like applicator with a precision brush and a custom clip-on cap, creating a wearable beauty product. Added Wolk and Morais, “When creating the Clip Paint, we combined our two loves, fashion & beauty. Clip Paint was designed to be clipped on, collected, and worn as an accessory.” Created by a team of working artists, and made in the United States, Pinkie Swear’s products are now available exclusively online at

Photo By: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Pinkie Swear

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