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The Phoenix LA, Not Only Reopened but Completely Reimagined

Take any memories of the Old Phoenix on La Cienega and place them to the side of your mind because The Phoenix LA, now open on 3rd Street, creates a completely new experience for bar goers and Whiskey lovers alike. The Whiskey Bar, which is product of Adolfo Suaya and Ryan Sweeny, has since graduated from College and moved to Grad-School. With the concept of being a Whiskey Bar that serves food (and great food, might I add), The Phoenix LA brings a prohibition bar vibe with a rustic woody feel to 3rd street. Everything in the Phoenix was custom made, and that does not stop with interior designs. The Phoenix serves over 212 different types of whiskey, scotch, bourbon, and cognacs daily, a collection more extensive than any in the city. The Phoenix also serves signature cocktails named by the staff on draft… and yes, we said on draft. And to cater to craft beer lovers, The Phoenix’s very own beer Cicerone, Ryan Sweeny, helps create and bring signature craft beers to The Phoenix.

Again, The Phoenix LA is a Whiskey bar that just happens to serve food, but it is not your typical bar food. The Argentinian inspired food menu brings guests simple yet flavorful and powerful food. Adolfo Suaya’s grill skills are off the charts, which is the primary focus of a small grilled meats driven menu at The Phoenix LA. With an amazing staff lead by Shawn Antonio, The Phoenix LA is the casual, inviting, friendly and upscale Whiskey Bar that Los Angeles needed.

Open Monday- Sunday: 5pm – 2 am with Happy hour Monday – Friday: 5-7.
Don’t walk, but run to the reimagined Phoenix LA on 3rd Street.


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