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Paris Photo LA 2015 Inspires To Be Creative

Paris Photo Los Angeles is the US edition of celebrated photography featuring 79 galleries and art book publishers from over 17 countries. The Paramount Pictures New York backlot is transformed into a mecca for aspiring artists such as myself, whom are welcomed to explore three sound stages and fake buildings that are transformed into mini galleries and book stores.

This was my second year at Paris Photo and it felt like deja vu. While I was able to discover some new photographers and see some new work, the art fair was a carbon copy of last year’s event. Not to disregard the amount of time and effort put into this amazing event, but some element of surprise would have been nice.

Helmut Newton

With various galleries showcasing different series, I was almost overwhelmed by how much photography there would be to consume. I stumbled upon Galerie E.G.P. a Parisian gallery featuring artist Rachel Rom. Rom is no ordinary photographer as she repurposes her own Polaroids and old photos found in her archive. Her dark shadowy aesthetic compliments her unique “recursive installations” as she takes her photography to the next level. Her photos and installations made me remember there’s so much more you can do with your photography beyond just snapping a photo. Rom’s work was definitely one of the most inspiring I encountered during Paris Photo.

Rachel Rom’s Work

One of my favorite things about photography, is that every photo has a story. I had the pleasure to meet and speak with Roger Steffens, the photographer behind The Family Acid. The Family Acid was nestled in the corner of the backlot and featured just a few prints, but it was Steffens’ loud psychedelic tee shirt that drew me into this little space. He pointed to the first photo in the space and spoke of the moment he met his wife, while on an acid trip at a music festival. The longtime photographer came onto the scene just last year when his son decided to digitize Steffens’ 40,000+ Kodachrome slides. The Family Acid released a book earlier this year, but thousands of Steffens’ negatives continue to be unearthed.

Roger Steffens – The Family Acid

While I wandered around the backlot, I took a moment to truly appreciate the booming LA art scene. Though I had seen most of the work from last years event, I had an “aha” moment where I felt truly inspired by the amount of creative, driven, and ambitious artists around me. Paris Photo failed to disappoint this year and was a perfect way to spend my Sunday afternoon.

Created by LA Enthusiast Megan Miller

Photo By: Paris Photo

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