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Pandora Presents: Iggy Azalea at Santa Monica Pier

Pandora Treated us over the Summer with a lineup that would make the Billboard top 100 proud. They used their abundant listening data to identify artists resonating with the 13-24 year old audience in the area. The results brought three break out stars for the show: Magic!, Rita Ora and headliner Iggy Azalea. By partnering up with brands that wanted to reach this specific demographic, Pandora managed to throw this concert for free if you rsvp’ed on time. One of the main sponsors of this event was Amazon Student, which hosted a great booth that engaged that demographic to get involve in their future. The razor company Schick handed out razors at the end of the event, which seemed a little out of place even though it was much welcomed. Other sponsors were Caprisun and Kellogg’s Cereal, we felt like we were back in High School because the demographic seemed more 10-20 of age driven just by the sponsor lineup. All of the performer’s did a great job, with a stage production that was out of this world since the concert was free of charge. The stage was right over the water on the Pier, with a great sound system that blew our eardrums being in the front and visuals that resembled a on-camera stage. We were looking forward to Rita Ora‘s performance because she had just broken up with her long time boyfriend Calvin Harris that week, and wasn’t sure how she was going to be holding up. She’s a performer so she flew through as if her heart was not broken, which is pretty ballsy. The “Haha” moment of the show was when Iggy Azalea took the stage and did what she does cursed cursed cursed, which seemed unsuitable considering the demographic attending. The show was one of our favorite shows of this summer, not because it was free but because it had a complete production from the stage to the performers to the sponsors. Everything fit well together, and what 14 year old hasn’t heard Iggy‘s foul mouth.

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Photo By: Dinna Gonzales

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