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OptiMystic : A Pop Up Gallery by Brandon Boyd on Display at 101/Exhibit Gallery through December 10

On Friday, December 1, hundreds of people attended the opening night of Incubus Frontman/Visual Artist Brandon’s Boyd OptiMystic Pop Up Gallery at 101 Exhibit Gallery in West Hollywood. Sponsored by Peroni and Viva XXXII Tequila, the evening was DJ’d by Brent Bolthouse with a performance by Dasha and are exhibited by Boyd and Los Angeles friends Tasya Van Ree, Natalie Bergman and Diana Garcia. Guests enjoyed pre-rolled joints courtesy of the Legion of Bloom while eating some delicious street tacos. Brad Pitt was seen scoping out the exhibit with his longtime friend and director Spike Jonze. Other Notable attendees included: Josh Brolin, Brian Bowen Smith, Kirsty Hume, Joyce Bonelli, Gregory Siff, Langley Fox Hemingway, Scott Lipps, Incubus bandmates Chris Kilmore, Mike Einziger, and many others. The Pop Up is open to the public through Sunday, December 10 at 101/Exhibit Gallery located at 668 N La Peer Dr. West Hollywood, CA 90069.

Wednesday & Thursday, 12-6pm
Friday, 12-8 pm
Saturday, 12-8 pm
​​Sunday, 12-5 pm​

Photo By: Sean Smith

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