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Opening Reception of Participating in the Illusion by Visual Artist Ryan McCann

Visual artist Ryan McCann presented Participating in the Illusion, a solo exhibition with new paintings that skew reality, questioning what our brain interprets as being real. The opening reception was held at contemporary arthouse, 2426 SET on Saturday, October 7. Guests enjoyed complimentary cocktails while appreciating the thought inducing art that will leave the mind drawn to wanting more.

McCann’ fifth solo exhibit was in continuation of his practice of altering and manipulating objects, specifically wood, McCann finds another approach to transform the way we see things. The reality McCann created in Participating in the Illusion is full of dimension and life. He developed the technique using acrylic paint to imply glass of different clarities. McCann maximizes the effect by placing objects outside of that glass, contrasting diffusion with crisp and dense lines of oil paint. His use of forced perspective and optical illusion has you believing and questioning what is actually there, suggesting that everything in your reality may in fact be an illusion.

Photo By: Zack Whitford for BFA Images

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