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Nike Air Max Box Pop Up Shop In Celebration of Air Max Day in Los Angeles

To celebrate the release of the first Nike Air Max known as the Air Max 1, on March 26th 1987, Nike is holding a Pop Up Shop in their Nike Air Max Box in the Arts Districts until Saturday. Sneakerheads lined up this morning for the first session of four, where 15 peron at a time got to enter this mysterious giant shoe box.

The shoe box in question held some memorable Air Maxs in a futuristic setting. One of them were the Nike Air Max 90s Playstation Edition, that sells for $10,000 online.
(see picture below)

To add to the futuristic look, 3D printers were working as hard as a Chinese factory to create mini versions of: the Air Max 1, the Air Max 90, the Air Max 95 and their new release the Air Max Zero. The Pop Up isn’t just for show, People can actually buy a pair of the Air Max Zeros inside of the Nike Air Max Box Pop Up.
(see picture below)

You can reserve a spot to take a tour of the Nike Air Max Box Pop Up HERE. Also, see more related posts on the Nike Air Max 95 (see more related posts).

Photo By: Alex Sos

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