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New Restaurant Opens on Hollywood Boulevard: Viva Hollywood

On Tuesday night, Viva Hollywood invited LA Guestlist over for an exclusive tasting experience and preview of the new restaurant concept opening up soon. Even before entering the space, formerly known as Beso Hollywood, you cannot help but catch a surge of the energy pumping off of the stars of Hollywood Boulevard in the iconic theatre district surrounding. Upon entry, we were greeted warmly by a beautiful hostess, who gave us a run down of what we could expect from the evening and suggested a couple of their most popular cocktails to try, such as the LALA Land and Viva Margarita. We head straight over to the bar where another staff greets us warmly, this time it’s the Beverage Director himself, Erik Weatherford. Weatherford hands us a cocktail menu and the list looks like Los Angeles in liquid form, beautiful and diversified with flavor. At first difficult to decide, we ended up taking one AFTERGLOW with Earl-Grey Infused Botanist Dry Gin, Lime, Lavender, and Rosemary and one EL NIÑO with Union Mezcal, Blackberries, Mint, Lime, Honey. Weatherford shook our colorful cocktails up to perfection, which seem simple in ingredient, but taste as bright and amazing as they look. We take the drinks over to a table and sit down to a live band playing some up-beat latin style music. The wait staff is just as beautiful and friendly as the rest and were even kind enough to accommodate some of our dietary restrictions. They immediately start sending out a delicious 4 course tasting menu by executive Chef Raymond Alvarez, formerly of Pink Taco and Toca Madera. Among our favorite dishes were the Tamales de Maiz Dulce, Pollo Manchacha and Pescado Tacos, and the Seabass Veracruzana. Every dish was fresh, simple, and distinct; with each plate being able to compliment the next, yet still able to stand on its own as an entree.

What’s more is how much the ambience of the room matched the flavors of the food. With high ceilings, glamorous chandeliers, sleek marble countertops, lush plant life, dim purple lighting, ample seating and room to dance; the space felt like old classic Hollywood with a pop of Miami fun. Like, for example the colorful collection of piñatas hanging from the ceiling of second floor lounge. Altogether, Viva Hollywood holds all the characteristics of a classic Hollywood starlet. Neither underplayed, nor over the top, the flavor is simple with a twist. Both the food, the drinks, and the space are accentuated by a kick of latin spice that is still subtle enough to allow us to enjoy the bold and unique flavor that makes Viva Hollywood a standout star on the walk of fame.


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