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Dollar Beard Club Launch with Chris Stoikos and Dan Bilzerian

My Experience at Dan Bilzerian’s Notorious Hollywood Pad for the Dollar Beard Club Launch

It was almost time for the blood moon when we arrived at Dan Bilzerian’s mansion on September 26th, 2015 to celebrate the launch of the Dollar Beard Club. We’ve seen the infamous Hollywood Hills house all over the internet, and now it was time to see it with our own eyes.

When I told my Uber driver that he was dropping me off at Dan Bilzerian’s house, I made sure to tell him that I was not a “hooker” of sorts. I don’t think that he believed me but he was still eager to hear the news. We went up the hill off of Sunset where the driver finally dropped me off onto a long pathway. To check in, the security guard made me sign a waiver and took a picture of me holding my license off of his Ipad.

As I made my way to the entrance, a giant cage holding Felix the Lion, a Hollywood feline celebrity was to my left. Felix (who is in fact a lion) has been in multiple movies including We Bought a Zoo. According to TMZ, rapper Meek Mill shelled out $9,000 for Felix to appear at his Hollywood Hills mansion party for 3 hours. He even has his own IMDB page (HERE). To the right of the entrance was Dan’s white Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6, which you have probably seen on his instagram.

I finally made it inside into Dan Bilzerian’s house, that has a slick, modern, open feel. We need to find the architect who designed it because it is truly a master piece. The party itself turned out to be nothing that we expected. A select few individuals stood on the patio over looking the city under the full moon. Everyone seemed elegant, and all of the males had some sexy manly beards. The whole Dollar Beard Club crew was there including founder Chris Stoikos who is way more down to earth than expected. It make sense though, because all of the Dollar Beard Gang is made up of good ol’ Canadian boys.

Most guests in attendance won the Dollar Beard Club contest with all expenses paid. I soon realized that everyone seemed genuine because no one actually lived in Los Angeles. Make sure to check out the Dollar Beard Club HERE

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“My Experience at Dan Bilzerian’s Notorious Hollywood Pad for the Dollar Beard Club Launch”

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