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Music 101: How to Create a Good Beat

Music is the essence of life for literally hundreds of thousands of people. From when they wake up in the morning to the moment they drift off at night, music is entwined with the daily routine. Music to eat breakfast too, music to take the train too, music to work too, there’s something for every moment of the day and we wouldn’t have access to this velvet for the ears if it weren’t for musicians.

Genuine musical talent is a gift to watch and if you possess it, whether that be talent for rhythm, composition, or just being skilled with an instrument, there’s no doubt that you should be exploring the realms of creativity. Modern music is very much based around a beat and believe it or not there’s more to it than hitting a drum, so what is behind creating a good beat?

Get The Right Rhythm & Time It Nicely

Timing is imperative for a beat to be catchy, so is having the right rhythm and flow. Time is separated into tempo and time signature. The tempo is the speed of which a song is designed to be played, measuring in beats per minute (BPM). The time signature is the number of beats a song has in one measure.

Keeping your timing right throughout the song is music 101. Speeding up and slowing down randomly won’t get your any brownie points with listeners unless it’s done cleverly, usually using the time signature (doubling or halving the beats per measure).

Use Original Sounds

Some classic sounds are recognizable within the first 16th of a note and they all started from an original sound. Sampling is something done in the studio and brings a whole new level to making music. Recording a single sound and assigning it to either a keyboard or a drum pad will give you control like no other, enabling you to play and create something wonderful.

Not only can you sample yourself but there are plenty of kits available to purchase. Within the world of lofi hip hop beats, there are sample kits that can take your idea and make it unbelievable. This style of music is becoming huge so if you’re not making these beats yet, you will be soon enough.

Use Loops To Begin With

People often feel as though they get stuck when starting to create a beat and that’s completely normal. Using the loop feature every piece of music software comes with is a brilliant way to get the creative juices flowing and away from the rut.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Piano & Chords

The best beatmakers on the planet have a library of different sounds just for the piano. Introducing chords to your tune will lift it and give it a new depth of sound. The majority of Hip Hop beats have piano backing to them and it’s a classic style that will never go out of fashion.

To achieve a truly incredible beat it’s important to explore all avenues to make it catchy and memorable. You’ll never remember something that’s exclusively a kick drum and a snare.

Enjoy the Process

Music is meant to be fun and enjoyable, there isn’t a producer on the planet that doesn’t enjoy what they’re doing when they’re sitting behind the desk creating something amazing. If you’re having fun whilst making the beat then it’s going to sound better, always. Take your mind off any strict process you have in place and just enjoy it, you’ll find that your ideas will flow more freely and the outcomes will end up being much better.


We can’t have a list of how to make great beats without a small mention of the equipment used. Midi keyboards, sample pads, and innovative software are all a part of this culture so it’s important to look at what kind of beat you want to make before investing in loads of gear.

The most important piece of equipment, however, is your brain. The creative mind that’s going to produce incredible music is in there so don’t be afraid to let it off its lead.

Making music is cathartic, it’s pleasurable, and it brings joy to those around you. Remember you don’t have to make music for anyone apart from yourself and that’s why people should get into it. If others want to listen then you’re onto something special. Have fun and see where the music takes you.


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