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Oriol Pamies, VP Business Development for MOOVZ Discusses Advertising Trends in the LGBT Community

MOOVZ has created a new platform for the LGBT community to start new conversations, impact the way big corporations market to the LGBT community and target social media interactions. In an advertising perspective, LGBT is so hot right now, sales in the LGBT community are projected to go over 800 billion dollars in 2015. Moovz now has the unique ability to target LGBT consumers around the world, unmatched by any organization. We went straight to the source and asked some interesting questions to the VP Business Development for MOOVZ, Oriol Pamies, about these trends in advertising.

1. Hi Oriol, tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I’m originally from Barcelona, where I started my first company when I was 19. Since then I have been involved in various projects, always believing in the power of online communities. When I was approached by the minds behind the idea of Moovz the LGBT social network, I decided to move to Tel Aviv to join the project and make it happen.

2. What sparked the idea to create MOOVZ?

The idea came from the founders Liav Eliash and Nir Hahamov, who believed in making a safe environment for the community where everyone is able to express themselves freely and interact with like minds from all over the world.

3. What void does MOOVZ fill in the social media world?

The LGBT community is much more than just meaningless hookups and vanity. Being a content-based app and pioneering LGBT social media platform, Moovz is a home place where the LGBT community is able to share and discover content and engage with people with shared interests.

4. What trends have you seen that companies are doing to appeal more to the LGBT community?

I have been seeing a mainstream trend of major brands implementing more same sex couples in their commercials and targeting the LGBT community on their advertising strategies. Tiffany’s, Google Plus, Nikon or Burger King launched some of my favorite campaigns over the last few years.

5. What can MOOVZ provide to companies trying to reach the LGBT community?

Moovz is the bridge between companies that want to target LGBT and the pink consumers. Too often, even though brands want to gear more towards targeting the LGBT market, it can get complicated with what could be inappropriate content or too segmented audience. Being that Moovz is a safe environment open to the entire LGBT community while getting closer to the community helps us to understand better their tendencies and we help brands deliver the right product to the right costumer.

6. Why do you think advertisers are starting to notice and target the LGBT community in their marketing and advertising strategies?

After the Supreme Court ruling in favor of same sex marriage, we created a huge noise and brands understood that it’s not only good but necessary to move their strategies towards the pink market. The LGBT community spends $800 billion dollars a year and have become a thriving key market category that advertisers have recognized very strongly.

7. What are the working trends now and futuristic trend in advertisement you foresee developing within MOOVZ and LGBT community?

We are constantly working in order to deliver a better experience for our users connecting them to relevant brands and interesting offers. We call it Micro Targeting. On this direction, we build specific content section called ‘Moments’. These micro communities are basically, global conversations among LGBT community around specific topics. For example, Food, Travel, Music, Games… are some of the categories we work on. We partner with the best brands to deliver the best offers for our users, and not through regular advertisement but through engaging content. A good example can be Universal Music, that works together with us to get their artists and music closer to their LGBT fanbase. We believe in the power of the community, and this power is based on connecting similar consumers with similar interests.

6. Any last words?

We are living a very unique moment where market tendencies are turning to be great for the LGBT market. There’s a huge potential for brands to do a smart move, both following great values and a strong commercial focus. It’s time for smart marketing strategies, avoiding stereotypes and cliches. We are eager to work with leading brands and guide them to get closer to the LGBT community and to provide the community with the best offers from inclusive and supportive companies.


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