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Many Ways You Can Make Your Home Look Trendy And Gorgeous

Ideas can never be too much when it is time to decorate or redecorate our homes, at the end we have an end goal—to make our home look beautiful like it belongs in a Harper’s Bazaar decor magazine.

Most of the time though, getting to achieve that look is where it gets crafty. How do we create that trendy look that isn’t too showy and children can still throw toys around and can still look semi-perfect amid clutter?

The truth is, it can be challenging, but it can also be much simpler than you think. You can put yourself ahead of the game by having the basics of your design in place. To help you kick-off, we have highlighted some secret guides below on how you can make your home trendy and gorgeous.

Integrate Fresh Flowers

Flowers! Flowers! Those cute colorful plants, as simple and small as they look make it easy to underestimate their significance, but you shouldn’t. Fresh flowers are always adorable to have in a space. It adds a natural element to your home, and that is always refreshing for a living area.

Visually, they put on another layer of color that can act as pop to lighten up a room or match other colors in the space as a way of pulling everything together. A combination of the right flower type and the ultimate vase can amplify your chosen aesthetic.

Go Hard On Texture

This is a very much bigger deal than you think. There is no better way to give a room a striking look than investing in soft furnishings. Stock up on textured wool rugs, fur throws, or velvet cushions from Simply Cushions, and trust me, you can not go wrong with this. Besides, this is a simple way to add that lushness and a feeling of luxury to your home.

Experiment With Colour Blocking

When you hear, go hard or go home, this is what it means. Color blocking is all the rage right now. Settling for the color schemes in creating an entire room isn’t so simple, but the result can be mind-blowing.

An interesting way to start is by matching your paint color to a favorite piece of furniture. The cue to making a color-blocked space works is in finding room for patterns and complementary colors to create a striking display.

In the living room pictured above, the color of the curtains matches perfectly with the chair which makes the room instantly engaging. Nonetheless, what keeps the color from being overwhelming is the green plant but this is subtle enough not to compete with the orange. Colour blocking your home interior would make it look stylish, so why not try it out?

Painting Door Trims

One of the amazing ways to make your home look trendy and gorgeous is to experiment with color with your door trims. Giving your home the artsy and sophisticated look by doing the unexpected.

Take your guests by surprise with colors and patterns in obvious and interesting places. Painting the trim of your doorways creates an energetic entrance while giving you a subtle and unpredictable way to bring color home.

Hang Drapes High And Wide

Here is another way to give your home that trendy and gorgeous look. Instead of hanging the curtain rod tight to the window frame, always hang your curtains from the very top of your wall. It is important to do this even if the window doesn’t go that high, do this so your curtains gently caress the floor when hung.

Also, get a rod that’s large enough to extend past the window frame, let’s say six inches. This is a move that adds instant drama to your home, if you want to draw more attention to them, make sure you hang them in an eye-catching shade. It makes your home look gorgeous.

Update The Lamp Shades

Let us face it, updating those lampshades will give your home a new facelift. If you have lamps and you don’t want to replace them, try changing the lampshades.

Probably when you bought your lamps, curvy shades with piping or fringe were the trendy thing. You can update your lamps easily with some newer shades that are of a drum shape and voila, that space, where it is situated, will wear a distinct look!

Incorporating one or more of these tips will give your home that trendy and gorgeous look. Select your favorite (s) and work them into your home and watch it transit to what you will adore.


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