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Make Your Summer Workout Come to You With Fitspot

One of my biggest obstacles when it comes to working out, is actually making it to the gym, especially in Los Angeles. Fitspot is about to change this hassle with their on-demand fitness training that offers various workouts according to your schedule and location. To find out more about this app that is adding a new flare to your daily workouts, we spoke to one of the founders and CEO of Fitspot Jonathan Cohn.

Jonathan is a former college athlete from Emory University, where he played tennis and basketball. After college, he entered the financial world and realized that it was nearly impossible to fit workouts in his busy work life. Jon is a certified trainer, and made his move to Los Angeles for new opportunities, where he started to train clients at their houses. With a growing client list that he could not keep up with, Jon realized that this was an actual need in one of the biggest fitness cities in the world. This is how Fitspot came about. If you have a smartphone, you are able to get a car, hair, makeup and food on demand so why not add fitness in this whole spectrum of things.

Fitspot let’s you choose between 6 different workouts: Crossfit, Personal Training, Boxing, Tennis, Pilates and Yoga for a small fee compared to the continuously high prices for fitness training. Another great aspect of Fitspot is that the trainers, who are selected through a meticulous process, cater to your fitness needs. If you have certain body goals, they can help you achieve that because your fitness evaluations are kept in the system for limitless results. Fitspot also enables you to order a trainer for a class with friends, which is perfect for some healthy bonding time. Jon told us that the 3 best locations to meet your trainer are either at your house, the park or their partner locations for some of the training that requires actual tools like pilates and boxing. Now, there are no more excuses for getting the summer body that you deserve, because Fitspot can make it happen at your convenience.


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