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Looking Back at our Top 12 Parties of 2016 in Los Angeles, California

Even though we can all agree that 2016 wasn’t for everyone, LA Guestlist blazed forward alongside the beautiful and the crazies. After an entire year of covering events throughout Los Angeles, we have compiled a list of our all time favorites. Out of hundreds of events, it was not easy paring it down to our goal of the Top 12. Several factors played into our decision such as overall ambiance, promotional swag and above all originality.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Show

This was one of the most memorable events that this city has experienced this year. Having a French Fashion House debut their Collection on the West Coast is almost unheard of. Heidi Slimane created a RocknRoll Chic Affair at the Palladium when he brought Saint Laurent to Los Angeles in February. We’re still dreaming about it, did this really happen?

2. Pride 2016

This year’s Pride started off on a devastating note. I remember waking up and hearing about the Orlando Shooting as we were getting ready to go to the Pride Kick off. On the way, we also heard that a man with weapons heading to the parade was just arrested in Santa. Mayor Garcetti joined in with a press conference. The tensions were high, but supporting Pride during such a tragedy really showed how strong we can be as a community.

3. Audi Emmy Party at Catch LA

Whoever decided to have the Audi Party at Catch Los Angeles, prior to the actual opening party is a press genius. Catch Los Angeles is a paparazzi hotspot, and it all started here.

4. Coco Loves LA at Bar Marmont during Oscar Week

The best branded event of the year by far (that even got its’ own Geotag)! Chanel took over Bar Marmont during Oscar week for a beauty filled space all specifically designed for the double C. Even the bottles in the bar were shaped like huge Chanel parfum bottles.

5. Neon Carnival

If you’ve ever been to the Neon Carnival, then you know and if you don’t know, now you know.

6. Everything Revolve

Between their unstoppable Coachella Party, the opening of the Revolve Social Club and their Winter Formal, Revolve events could comprise their own separate list for all their exciting and elaborate events.

7. The VIP Opening of Skyspace

Take the tallest skyscraper in Los Angeles, add a clear see through slide and literally take in a 360 degree view of LA. Definitely a first.

8. Nylon Young Hollywood Party

Between all of the different magazines’ Young Hollywood Issues, Nylon always tops the list because they ARE the youth. The Nylon Young Hollywood Party every year in May is obligatory. This trendsetting event paves the way for what’s to come the rest of the year.

9. Take-Two’s Annual E3 Kickoff Party

Best Food. Best Performer. Best Gift Bag. Hands down.

10. adidas x Urban Outfitters ‘We Are the Future’ Campaign

We want to throw in at least one adidas party in the mix. This one stood out because it stayed true to its title, “We are the Future”. Among other highlights there were activations including virtual reality headsets with 3D drawings stations and a selection of the best up and coming acts.

11. Bootsy Bellows 4th of July White Party at Nobu

The One and Only, which incites everyone in Los Angeles to wear white on the 4th of July (Just in Case).

12. Elton John and Lady Gaga perform on Sunset Strip

Not everyone can shut down the Sunset Strip.

Photo By: @bellamarieadams

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