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Life Is Better Cropped: Unleash Your Inner Buff Boy with Stylish Gym Crops

Have you ever walked into the gym and felt like there has been a viral epidemic of drab, boring gym-wear unleashed on the active population? Bland colors, typical shape, and maybe a logo here or there for “flair” is anything but inspired. When you work hard on your physique, you want to show off the results of your labor in the best way possible. You also want to look cool. Enter Buff Boy Crops. Patrick Frank and his best friend since the second grade Tony Palladino joined forces (and dynamic personalities) for this new brand of athletic wear that begs to be noticed.

Striking Out On Their Own

Both Frank and Palladino started out climbing the corporate ladder, but left the “rat race” to strike out on their own entrepreneurial journeys. Frank scaled a number of consumer technology startups, and Palladino was the head of his own fitness brand and community. Together, they have introduced Buff Boy as both a labor of love and purely fun project. With Frank’s direct-to-consumer sales expertise and Palladino’s fitness acumen, the idea for an athleisure-wear company unlike any other came naturally.

Both Frank and Palladino are of the age where they recall the “golden age” of fitness — a time when a little showiness and over-the-top machismo was welcomed. There has been a return of that retro flair in athletic wear that both Frank and Palladino are seizing for Buff Boy. The look and feel of the brand harks back to days of muscle men in crop tops and sweat bands — the era of Arnold Schwarzenegger before he became the Terminator and had Mr. Universe-sized muscles. Frank and Palladino noticed a retro wave with fitness equipment, and thought athletic wear should follow suit.

Marketing In A Different Way

When they first started to grow the idea of Buff Boy, the best friends (and now roommates) knew they wanted to market their line of athletic wear in a different way. What they saw in the market was a veritable “black hole” in the athletic wear space, where the clothing all looked the same, felt the same, and was marketed the same way. There seemed to be a noticeable lack of personality and — frankly — fun within the space. Frank and Palladino knew they could do it differently. “When everyone is doing the same thing, it is easy to stand out,” Frank explains. Never ones content with blending in, the friends built Buff Boy around their passion for fitness, exciting and unique marketing, and fun.

Perusing the Buff Boy website, you may feel as if you’ve gone back in time — it has a distinctively ‘80s feel. It’s as if Dolph Lundgren himself may pop out of the screen and challenge you to a flex-off. But, for as tongue-in-cheek as Buff Boy’s marketing may be — their products and their approach to quality is seriously good. “We took every step to make sure that anything Buff Boy produces is top of the line, both for performance and fun,” says Palladino. The centerpiece of the Buff Boy line is the Buff Boy Crop. Once a staple for guys who wanted to show off the six-pack they worked so hard for, the crop top is making a major comeback in fitness wear. The return of the crop top for anyone who is a fan of working out (or just hanging out) is breaking the mold for male fitness wear. The Buff Boy Crop Tops effortlessly combine functionality, fashion, and durability. Each Crop is made from their trademarked “Super Stretch Technology” that moves and stretches with the wearer, even with mega-gains. The cut accentuates the muscular physique, while still flowing enough to let those abs breathe. The best part about the Buff Boy Crop is how cool it is. In fact, the top is so apt to draw admirers that Buff Boy offers “Crop Theft Insurance” — so no matter what happens to your Crop, it’s protected.

A Break From The Norm

Buff Boy launched in 2023 and is already making people take notice with their tongue-in-cheek TikToks and YouTube videos. Their goal? Catching the attention of boys who want to “stack some serious plates” and live the “buffer” life. As their website states: “If you aren’t looking for unlimited attention and more phone numbers given to you at the gym, and just want to remain the same loser before you cropped your life, don’t bother buying. We guarantee a buffer life or your money back. Get cropped or get out bro.”

Both Frank and Palladino have a love for comedy and anything outside of the monotonous norm. Buff Boy is the result of this symbiotic passion. The friends believe in the power of personality — it has served them well in business, and they are hopeful that it will serve them well in the fitness industry as well. “We believe one’s gym wardrobe should reflect their spirit and strength,” says Frank, “Life is simply better cropped!”


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