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LA Lakers and Their Famous Celebrity Fans

The Los Angeles Lakers arguably have the most number of celebrity fans in sports. It is not surprising, given their history, and prime estate in Hollywood. Many of the team’s famous fans, in fact, turned up at last year’s All-Star Weekend events. Travis Scott was there, as was Snoop Dogg. But in a top 5 list of the Lakers’ most recognizable celebrity fans, both are on the outside looking in. With that said, find out who makes our cut:

Jack Nicholson

Nicholson is perhaps the Lakers’ most famous fan, having been an avid supporter for nearly half a century now. He is a regular at courtside during home games, enjoying the action in his familiar opera glasses. Nicholson is so passionate about the Lakers that he once had a not-so-friendly exchange with a former Chicago Bulls coach. Back in the early 1980s, Nicholson’s seats were next to the visiting team’s bench. One time he needled Bulls coach Dick Motta relentlessly, leading to the two exchanging words. Last season, Nicholson laid low for a while, ostensibly due to the Lakers being so bad. But he is back to being the Purple and Gold’s most recognizable fan.

Dyan Cannon

Like Nicholson, Cannon is a long-time Lakers fan. She has been an avid supporter of the Purple and Gold since the Wilt Chamberlain-Jerry West era, and has seen the highs and lows of the franchise. Watch old tapes of the Showtime Lakers, and you’ll see an excited Cannon cheering. Nowadays, the 82-year-old actress is more reserved, but her love for the Lakers is as strong as ever. She even brings them brownies, a tradition that has been going on for years.

Denzel Washington

Last year The Equalizer star couldn’t hide his excitement over the Lakers signing LeBron James. Washington recalls checking with his accountant about his season tickets, knowing full well that he’ll be watching more of the Lakers in person. The four-time MVP, meanwhile, turned the Purple and Gold into instant contenders, and added some much-needed star power. LeBron James is one of the highest-paid athletes in all of sports and is the most recognizable basketball player in the world. He fits in perfectly with the glitz and glamour of the Lakers, and would have led them to the postseason had he stayed injury-free. This season, LeBron and the Lakers look set for a deep playoff run. Expect Washington and the rest of Lakers Nation to give their all-out support.

Ice Cube

Ice Cube’s support for the franchise is unquestionable. This offseason he is giving the team an assist by asking Lakers fans to give the recently signed Dwight Howard a clean slate. Ice Cube understands that Howard’s play will be crucial to the Lakers’ title aspirations. So, he is doing his best to ease the pressure on the big man by making him feel welcome. If things work out, Howard will be an invaluable chess piece for the Purple and Gold, as he’ll give the team plenty of rebounding and shot-blocking. Ice Cube will no doubt approve.

Anthony Kiedis

Like Nicholson, Kiedis has a tendency to be a little too passionate at times. He most famously got kicked out of the Staples Center last season after getting involved in that wild early season brawl between the Rockets and Lakers. Keidis yelled at the former Rockets guard Chris Paul, and was rightfully escorted out. It was a rare outburst from the courtside regular, who is usually on his best behavior.

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