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LA Art Show: Antuan Rodriguez​’ “Left or Right” Enables You to Release Anger, Hatred and Resentment on Various World Leaders and Tyrants

As LA rises as the world-class destination for art, the LA Art Show continues to lead the way with innovative programming and one-of-a-kind experiences for an expanding collecting audience. Building on last year’s excitement, DIVERSEartLA programming dedicates over 60,000 square feet in the LA Art Show to performance art, installations, exhibits and programs highlighting the vast diversity of the global contemporary art world. Cuban-American Artist Antuan Rodriguez’ “Left or Right” is a healing project curated by Marisa Caichiolo. This interactive installation depicts different world leaders and tyrants, and allow the spectator, through the punching of the bags, to release anger, hatred, and resentment. This release of negative emotions transforms these objects into tools of detoxification and mental healing. Current global politics has created an environment of disrespect for humanity and our planet. Lack of harmony, senseless wars, violence, racism, ignorance, loss of values and principles, lack of consciousness, super egos and demagoguery, corruption, disrespect of women, false promises, and outright ​lies. Antuan says that growing up in Cuba gave him political “trauma.” He loves the freedom of democracy but doesn’t trust the government.


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