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Is Being A Professional Musician What You Strive For? You’ll Love These Tips

As glamorous and exciting as it may seem, the music industry can be incredibly competitive and unforgiving. With thousands of aspiring musicians vying to create the next breakout hit, it can be quite challenging for new artists to stand out, especially as the well-established superstars and best-selling musicians continue to dominate the charts. To help you build a loyal fanbase and position yourself for success in this crowded industry, here are a few tried and tested tips that will increase your chances of getting noticed by record labels.

Create a Unique Brand for Yourself

Before you start recording and sharing your music, you should think about the graphics and visuals you’ll use to promote your work across different mediums and platforms. If you know your way around Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, you can easily do this yourself, but if you’re not familiar with these programs, you can simply hire a professional graphic designer who will help you develop a unique brand identity. In return, this will help you build awareness for your music and become instantly recognizable in the crowded industry.

Start with the Essential Equipment

No matter what genre or style you’re interested in, there are six essentials you’ll need to start your music production journey: a computer (preferably a Mac), a digital audio workstation (DAW), an audio interface, high-quality headphones (open-back models are ideal but a closed-back pair will do), studio monitors for mixing and editing, and a microphone.

When it comes to microphones, dynamic models are ideal for recording both instruments and vocals, but if you plan on recording vocals only, you’ll do just fine with a condenser microphone coupled with a flexible boom stand and a pop filter. Although it’s not really essential, a self-playing piano is a worthy investment that will make music production a whole lot easier for you. It will open the door to endless creative possibilities that would otherwise require a full-blown studio.

Share Your Music on Popular Streaming Websites

Most people nowadays use streaming websites and apps to play their favorite songs and discover new artists, which gives you a great and easy way to share your music with a large audience. Not only do streaming platforms offer you unparalleled exposure, but they can also increase your chances of getting noticed by industry executives. Nowadays, major record labels are more inclined to sign new artists who have a successful, independent career, and streaming platforms can help you achieve that by allowing you to reach new listeners who are likely to be interested in the kind of music you create.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Building a strong presence on social media requires a considerable amount of time and effort. But if you commit to the process and use relevant platforms to your advantage, you can take your career to the next level. Think about your favorite artists that you personally relate to, almost like you know them in real life, all because they take the time to interact with their fans on social media regularly.

Connect with Fellow Artists

Every person you meet in the industry will likely have something beneficial to offer, and as an aspiring musician, you should actively work on connecting with fellow artists any chance you get. If you’re playing the same gig as other singers or find that your songs are constantly listed in the same playlists with certain artists, reach out to them, exchange contact information, ask to collaborate with them, and share your struggles and nuggets of wisdom with them. Building a network will ultimately help you expand your career. Who knows, maybe one of your new friends will introduce you to a great publicist or set you up with a big-shot producer who will take your career to new heights!

Breaking into the music industry can be an uphill battle for amateur artists who do not have a record label to represent them. But, with the right mindset and proper resources, you can record and distribute your own music, connect with your audience, and eventually grab the industry executives’ attention. So, if you are truly passionate about music, don’t give up on your dream. Stay focused and follow your passion.


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