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Important Driving Details To Remember When There Are Trucks Around

For both new and seasoned drivers, traversing the road with big rigs around can prove to be quite intimidating. Apart from the size of the trucks that can dominate the road, there are also some constraints when it comes to the visibility of truck drivers. This article tackles some important driving details that you need to be aware of when there are trucks around.

Avoid Blind Spots

One of the primary things that you need to remember when you’re driving with trucks around is to avoid blind spots much like you would when you are driving alongside other vehicles on the road. However, you need to keep in mind that since trucks are larger vehicles, their blind spots are also bigger. Avoiding the blind spot areas of big rigs will minimize your risk of being involved in tractor-trailer accidents because the truck driver failed to see you. In this case, the areas that you should avoid include one lane wide on the driver’s side extending back to half the length of the trailer and two lanes wide on the passenger side extending back slightly behind the trailer.

Increase Distance

Another thing that you need to remember when driving alongside trucks is to keep a safe distance. In case you are tailgating a big rig, you need to keep in mind that the truck driver cannot see you, which is why it is even a good idea to increase your distance. In this way, you will be able to avoid being pushed underneath a trailer in case of a road mishap. A safe distance will also give you more time to react to rollovers caused by high winds, as well as tire blowouts.

Give Time

If there are big trucks around and you need to change lanes or turn, you need to activate your signal earlier to allow more time for the truck driver to react and respond to your signal. Keep in mind that trucks can take longer to slow down, which is why you need to give these truck drivers more time. Always be more patient when it comes to sharing the road with a big rig because it is often the case that truck drivers need to adhere to certain speed limits.

Safely Pass

Make sure that you pass another vehicle safely at all times, but you need to add an extra ounce of precaution in passing a truck. Take note that a big rig won’t be able to stop as quickly as a smaller vehicle would, increasing the risk of accidents if safe passing is taken for granted. Thus, make sure to always pass a big rig from the left side because it will be easier for the truck driver to see you. Alongside this, you should also signal clearly in advance and keep a consistent speed when passing.

Watch for Wide Turns

When driving around trucks, you also need to watch out for wide turns because semi-trailers can take up more space than smaller vehicles in making turns. In this case, it is not a good idea to pass a truck when its signal to turn is already on. Never attempt to drive between the curb and the truck too. When at an intersection, keep your vehicle behind the line too because the trucks may take up that space in taking a turn too.

Drive Defensively

Finally, make sure that you always drive defensively and safely each time you are behind the wheel. This means that you need to always stay focused because a distracted driver can put several lives in danger. Thus, avoid using your smartphone while driving or even eating and drinking or any other activity that can take your eyes off the road.

It also follows that you should not drive under the influence because the alcohol in your system will restrict you from thinking clearly. You should also avoid getting on the road if you are tired or sleepy because you may lose control of your vehicle. Lastly, always wear your seatbelt whenever you are behind the wheel because it might just save your life.

Make sure to avoid the blind spots of the big rig to reduce your risk of getting into an unfortunate accident with them. As much as possible, increase your distance and give ample time before you safely pass or when a truck is maneuvering a turn. The most important thing is to always drive defensively. All these are geared towards ensuring your safety behind the wheel even in the presence of big rigs.


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